Del Monte Plantation at Camp Phillips - A Bukidnon Escapade Part 1

Hello, dudes! Summer is officially here! And the sun's heat seems like scorching our back, and we can't help but think of a getaway to temporarily refresh us from a very hot climate. By the way, how do you spend your Holy Week? Us? My family and I went to Camp Philips Bukidnon - the focal point of Del Monte Plantation - which provides lots of jobs to its immediate community including my brother. Camp Phillips's climate is cool the entire year, so it is a must-see destination for everyone when it is hot and dry.

How to get to Camp Philips from Davao City?

We left Wednesday early dawn to avoid congestion at Ecoland Terminal. It took us 8-hour trip getting to Camp Philips via Rural Transit Bus. Yes, 8 hours! That long, which made our butts and feet cramp due to prolonged sitting. Just imagine, carrying a 2-year-old toddler and with all the baggage along, huh, It was super dooper exhausting. Ok back to my story hehe. So we dropped off in "ALAE", one of the barangays of Manolo Fortich, also a stopover for buses and vans.  Then, we rode a jeepney going straight to Camp Phillips,  approximately 10-15 minutes. So before I will tell you what happen next to our adventure, first, I'd like to share with you our expenses.

Bus Fare: Davao to Manolo Fortich - P535/person
Jeepney Fare: Alae to Camp Phillips- P20/person

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Finally, we arrived safely to my brother's house Wednesday afternoon. Ronan and I were totally drained so we decided to spend the rest of the day to relax in order to get extra energy for the next day adventure. On following day, we woke up very early to take a walk around Camp Philips along with my brother's wife and her children. Everyone was excited, especially Ronan.  Every time we passed by a nice view, we took pictures.

At the main entrance of Camp Phillips, you will see this signage - WELCOME CAMP PHILLIPS! 

One can look around the camp without seeking any permission from Del Monte. However, taking picture of houses is strictly not allowed because of the previous NPA attacks. Since then, the camp was surrounded by numerous security guards (they called them Kadre) to secure the place.

Upon entering Camp Phillips,  you will see the biggest replica of pineapple, perfect spot for picture taking. 
It has a lush and wide field of pineapples covering around 5,000 hectares.

Picture taking in front of Del Monte Pineapple field.

Another replica of Del Monte product - Vinegar

Del Monte Pineapple

Jump shot at Camp Phillips Plaza
In order to reach their plaza, one can ride habal2x (motorcycle) for 15 pesos/person.  We preferred walking than riding habal2x to save extra pesos. Anyway, it would only take 10-15 minutes walk from my brother's house to plaza. 

Del Monte cooperative where you can buy groceries and other goodies.

Del Monte Manager's House. The structure was designed by Americans,  the previous owner of the company. (Earlier I mentioned that taking a picture of houses has been restricted, don't worry, this photo was taken 3 years ago.)

My brother's house. Once a regular employee of Del Monte, one can live in the house for free until retirement.

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