Discovered "W"

Chesska's wit shown each day has continued to amaze us (including my husband). You and I both knew that toddlers including Chesska, are typically curious about anything seen, heard, and touched. But there was a special action which surprised me on a particular day that  almost no one could ever imagine.

Ask me why?

Ok, one weekend, my little girl, aged two years and five months, was too busy pressing her new dressed-chicken toy, since it made a sound when pressed. The sound was awful,  much like a slaughtered chicken - but has a bit raspy sound. (hehe)

Ok back to Chesska's story...

Chesska has already a prior knowledge on human body parts and alphabet. (In fairness to her, she can sing the alphabet with confidence.) So while Chesska was busy inspecting the chicken's body parts such as nose, eyes, etc, a moment later, she came to me and showed the inverted dressed-chicken and specifically pointed the chicken's  feet and said aloud, "Dabolyo" (in her language) or a letter in an alphabet "Double-U (W)".. haha! Well, she is absolutely correct. That is the concrete representation of letter "W" in real-life.

A round of applause for Chesska!

Have you ever had that imagination when you were her age? Ask your parents. Me?? Seriously, I have never been thought of that in my entire life.

How about you? What are your tot's funny stories? I'll be glad to hear from you by leaving your comments below.

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