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April 14, 2014
I haven't met yet Mr. Bo in person, nor heard his name before. But since Ronan (my husband) always mentioned his name when we used to converse each other during meal time or even before bed time, I began to know him. Ronan is an avid reader of Bo's blog, so no wonder Bo's name was always mentioned to any of our hot topics (whether financial, relationships, health, spiritual, etcetera).  He once told me that if ever he could attend his Feast,  he would buy some of Bo Sanchez's books. Until one time, a big convention or they called it “Feast” was held here in Davao. Of course, Bo Sanchez was one of the speakers. Finally my husband's wish/es was/were granted. He bought four books which entitled "Don't Worry, Be Happy; How to Build a Happy Family; Stop Hidden Addictions; and Jesus at Home. Then a few months later, Ronan received another book, "Simplify And Live the Good Life",  as a Christmas present from a colleague.

Since then, Mr. Bo's books are among the many books I've been habitually reading during my leisure time. In fact, I had completed reading three books of him – one of which is, How to Build a Happy Family. (It is because I'm! hehe). I could tell that Bo is such an amazing person. I was awed by his brilliance. I also got to know he is one of the highest paid speakers in our country, and an author of 29 bestselling books. Besides being a preacher, he is also a very successful  businessman, a wonderful father and husband, a founder of Anawim, a special home for the abandoned elderly - just to name a few. (If ever Mr. Bo would stumble upon my blog, I hope he will smile from ear to ear for featuring him on my blog)

So what made me amaze of his books? Well, apart from I did enjoy reading his books (because Bo also incorporated comedy on true-to-life's examples), the words used are simple which I'm certain will make us all understand of the messages Bo wants to imply on every book. To make the story short, his books are easy to understand, yet the messages can bring greater impact to one's life.  Frankly, I haven't read books before as mind-enlightening, life-changing, and spirit-uplifting as Bo's.

Do you read regularly? If not, why not? In life, we need to arm ourselves with knowledge and wisdom by reading good books.  If your reading just centered around tweets, Facebook updates, and got nothing, why not include in your daily routine reading inspirational books where it can help you in any aspect of your life - (financial, spiritual, emotional, physical, etc.) I recommend you to fill your bookshelves with Bo's books.  

Hey I posted here book's pictures with Chapter Titles, so it will give you ideas what the books are all about. You can buy the books online at

Or this Lenten season, a time for deep reflection,  you can invest your time by reading Bo's blog, 

1. How to Build a Happy Family

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Key 1: Renewal
Key 2: Gratitude
Key 3: Time
Key 4: Service
Key 5: Forgiveness
Key 6:Self-love
Key 7:Celebration

2. Simplify and Live the Good Life - Chapter titles coming soon!

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3. Don't Worry Be Happy

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Secret #1  Happy People Create their Destiny
Secret #2  Happy People Like Themselves a Lot
Secret #3  Happy People Nurture Connections
Secret#4   Happy People Find Delight Everywhere
Secret#5  Happy People Embrace Change
Secret#6  Happy People Embrace Change
Secret#7  Work on Your Life Purpose Daily

4. Stop Hidden Addictions 

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Secret #1 Discover What You Really Need

Secret #2 Focus on Your Ambition, Not on Your Addiction
Secret#3 Love the Sinner and the saint Within
Secret#4 Shape Your Outer World Before It Shapes You
Secret#5 Redefine yourself
Secret#6 Get Rid of Toxic Faith
Secret#7 Take Change

5. Jesus at Home - Chapter titles coming soon!

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