Ten Things You Should Know About Chesska

April 07, 2014
Ok, I ran out of ideas what to write on my blog. But when I pondered upon Chesska's activities all this day - running back and forth tirelessly; cluttering our sala (living room) with toys of any kind; watching her favorite music videos;  munching her favorite snack, etcetera, instantly,  I came up with bright ideas (ting!) what to write. Since she's already two and obviously a big girl,  there are a few random things about Chesska that you should know:

1. She is a risk taker. 

I'm unsure if other babies/toddlers do the same. But Chesska is a risk taker. One time, she had tried putting her fingers over the lighted candle despite my previous orientation of "HOT". (It was brownout then, that's why we used a candle). She had also tried banging her head (in slow motion) on the concrete wall, finding out how painful it was.  Have her fingers caught in between every time I closed the door. (fortunately, I was always in alert mode to stop those from happening )

 Warning. Don't allow your child/ren to do the same.

2. She never smiles to new people. 

I bet. If you are new to her sight, she will never smile at you.  Even if you throw candies and confetti trying to amuse her. She would just sharply stare at you from head to foot until you melt. Promise!

3. She has a good memory. 

At age 2, she can already identify the parts of her body; count and identify numbers from 1-10; almost memorize and identify ABC (but getting there); sing a few lines of a certain song; tell her name and age in complete sentences when being asked;  perform dance steps from famous dance songs (Waka(2x), Kiyomi, Gimmie2x, Loca, etcetera)

Note: The paragraphs in italic written below are updated one month after this post for the sake of recording my child's progress.

At age 2 years and 3 months, she can completely say our complete address, and finally, sing ABC song with confidence. Though I don't expect the correct pronunciation of the words, I can tell that she say and sing them correctly.  She continues to surprise me every day and makes me even prouder of her.

4. She is also Kikay (fashionable) - Pictures coming soon! 

Unknown to many that Chesska is also Kikay. Yes, definitely she is! She loves tinkering her closet; and picks clothes herself to wear. Any clothes combination will do. Swimsuit with leggings underneath. Sleeping wear with a skirt. (fashionably fierce!)

5. She is cranky.

When pressed toys get malfunctioned, she will throw them away. When building blocks toys suddenly collapsed after piling up, she will freak out.  I can tell that she wants them fixed or arranged without mistakes.

6. She is a breastfeed addict.

I know it looks awkward seeing a toddler, as half of your size, breastfeeding to his/her mom. But not with Chesska. She likes breastfeeding better than formula.  Isn't it healthier seeing a baby breastfeeding than holding a cup of cola?

7. She is a fruitarian. 

One of her favorite food trips is munching with fruits. Banana, apple, papaya, guyabano, mango are among the fruits she likes most.

8. She is well-behaved when outside of her territory.

Don't get me wrong. But most kids are very hyperactive and naughty when in certain venues or events (birthday party, public places, malls, etc.) But I'm proud that Chesska is opposite. She will just behave and observe what has happened around her.  But when in the house, she's mobile.

9. She cannot sleep without her pillow.

Pillow is her favorite buddy. Anywhere she goes, or before she sleeps, she will bring her pillow along with her. But I promise her to buy a new one, replacing her saggy and old pillow. (lol)

10. She is a Papa's Girl.

I envy my husband. Chesska is much closer to her father than me. As we all know, fathers are "spoilers",  while mothers are "antagonists" (Kontrabida) again.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and I'm pretty sure that some I have listed are your baby's character/s too. I wrote these things so when Chesska is older, she'll read this, and become proud or maybe surprise of herself.
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