My Life as a Work-at-Home Mom, Bow!

August 19, 2014

I managed to juggle two jobs: a full-time webmaster and being a mother,  just like the picture you see below. 

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To tell you honestly, it's difficult to keep two jobs smoothly to maintain sanity. (It rhymes, hehe..)

But before I elaborate how I have been able "killing two birds with one stone", first, let me tell you a short story on how I became a webmaster.

My first job way back then was a grade school teacher for five years.  Later, I did realize it sucked most of my time like making daily lesson plan, checking a bunch of papers, preparing visual aids, attending to students and parent's needs, which I found stressful. So I decided to quit.

A few weeks after I resigned from work, I felt boredom had attacked me.  I used to be a workaholic gal,  so I thought of doing something to keep myself productive while at home. So I asked my husband to teach me how to create a website since he is a computer programmer. Not only a programmer, but an expert programmer.

You know what? My firsthand experience of learning the basics such as CSS and HTML overwhelmed me. It was pretty tough! It was brain-wracking, indeed!

Well, what can you expect from a zero-knowledge and no-earth teacher like me? lol

True, it wasn't connected with teaching skills, but I was so determined to learn.

I was motivated then.

I was very persistent.

And passionate.

And I began to like it,  more than teaching.

For three months of self-study, I soon found a work-at-home job.

Plus I got pregnant.

I was so ecstatic then, head over heels!

"Working at home was the best gift I'd ever received", I said.

No make-up - No ID - No uniform required!

Only fast internet plus skills.

A few months later, I gave birth to my dearest one.

She was everything to us.

So I worked harder.

But I knew it would affect my work hours. I was ready for that!

"The show must go on!", as I pondered upon.

I worked full-time, juggling my career with raising my child.

So every morning,  I had to wake up early no matter how sleepy I was.

Or tired.

Or dizzy.

I tried myself to get up to get household chores done before my virtual work at 9:30 a.m.  As much as my husband liked to help,  he used to work at 8:00 A.M. which meant he could spend less time. That was acceptable, anyway!

So before I sit to my computer chair to attend to my online job, I made sure everything was tidy.

I thought mothering was the easiest job every woman could do.

But the truth was lots of responsibilities ahead of you.

The only job without pay.

No bonus. 

Neither vacation leave. 

Nor 13th month pay.

What you'll receive is only pure LOVE. 

***Go back to my story.***

I repeat, before I sit to my computer chair I had to:

Get the bottles washed and sterilized;

Cook foods, sometimes; (But most of the time it's my mom who usually cooks)

Prepare the meals;

Pick up the clutters or toys;

Fix the bed;

Sweep the dirt away on the floor;

Wash the dishes;

Wash the clothes myself, occasionally;  (But usually It's my home-buddy mom again. Thanks to mama.)

It's because I had no longer strength and energy to wash our clothes on a daily basis. We are four in the family, so that's a lot of clothes. So generally, I did the washing on weekend.

After the household chores, I had to pay close attention to Chesska's needs.

I was the one who bathed her.

And fed her.

And dressed her up.

And entertained her.

And homeschooled her;

And cleaned her up when she pooped or peed.

Every time Chesska threw tantrums, I had to soothe her until she calmed down;

Or bribed her with candy;

Or attempted to hoax coax her;

Or sometimes scared her like "there's a snake going to bite you"; (which I thought correct, but eventually I came to realize it was totally wrong. )

Sometimes any of those strategies applied never worked!

At all.

Yes it was exhausting!

Sometimes exasperating!

Deep inside me, I thought of yelling.

But by just seeing a beaming smile from Chesska, every stress wiped away.  

It didn't occur to me to trade this job (work-at-home mom) with something else.

It's because it gave me the freedom to raise my child.

And helped my husband to make money, too.

And gave me ample time taking care of my child and husband.

And so do I!

This is what working-at-home mom is all about!

I feel great.

I feel awesome.

I feel happy.

Why not you also try?

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