Weekend Getaway at Davao Crocodile Park

I have a confession to make. It has been more than 7 years since the last time I visited crocodile park. It was during our school's field trip with my grade-3 students; they are all now grown college students, I assumed.

I'm not kidding, the place itself is just  30-minute away from where we live, but I was unable to revisit the said place for the longest time. I felt like I was already a stranger in my own hometown. (lots of intermissions, ha!)  As much as I would want to get back there, the crazy schedules and busy work didn't allow me.  And so did my husband!

Until we noticed lately, our little girl, Chesska, was quite amused seeing animals with her picture-books and began to excite when she happened to see animals in TV. Recently,  we brought her to Crocodile Park so she could see real animals in action. For a 2-year-old toddler, it is surely exciting!

Before I get the ball rolling, here's first the entrance fee:

Adult ........................................... 200 pesos
Kids (2-12 years old) .....................100 pesos
3:00 p.m.  and up
Adult.............................................250 pesos
Kids (2-12 years old)......................100 pesos
Warning: Pictures Overload Ahead...

Near the main entrance..

Crocodile Park is not mainly raising crocodiles. There are other exotic animals to see, too,  like iguana, reptiles, bats, monkeys, bearcats, raptors, and many more..

Dear deer, how are you there?  Rhyme, dba? haha
Chesska's first encounter with other species makes her speechless. She is somewhat overwhelmed!



One-of-a-kind pig: The Philippine Warty Pig
Featuring my friends, crocodile.(lol). If one of them could escape from their pen, I didn't know where in the city we could find our legs..(exagg lng..) Yon kung buhay pa!
A dozen of crocodiles lying at their pen.

Emerging heads of crocs. I was wondering whether they are sleeping or secretly staring at me..

Another type of bird..

Philippine Bats

Lovey-dovey husband with our daughter Chesska..
The biggest bird in the planet, Ostrich..

I was unaware that I was talikod-genic..whoaah!

One of the crocodile park's highlights is the presence of the Siberian tigers. As compared to my last visit, there were no tigers yet. Seeing them in actual amazed me since I haven't yet seen a tiger in my entire life. There are actually four tigers around namely Sultan, Shiva, Datu and Eve.

One needs to pay additional 30 pesos in order to enter the tiger's den for a closer look.

Pardon the poops. We didn't intend to include  them during the picture-taking...

Beginning 4:00 PM, Davao Crocodile Park will showcase animal shows including Tiger Climb..We could no longer wait to see the shows since it was late in the afternoon (na), and it was also drizzling! We arrived at around 1:00 pm, and left at 3:00 pm. Two-hour rounds in the park had already left us panting...

Family Picture

Picture with Muther!

High-Five with the Lion Statue
I feared snake as much as I feared cockroach. Since it was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, I took the challenge. There were actually many people in front of us who were lining up, and would also want to have picture-taking with the snake. So Chesska's attention was slightly diverted,  not to the creepy creature. But in fairness ha, the snake was so heavy yet well-behaved!

Prepare another 40 pesos if you plan to take photo with the snake.

The souvenir shop, displaying crocodile-leather-made belts and other crocodile products...

I  suggest you come and visit the park beginning 3:00 pm so you would see an array of shows including bird shows, tiger climb, crocodile feeding and other fun-filled activities you and your child will surely love and enjoy.

Crocodile Park is located at Riverfront Corporate City, Diversion Road Maa, Davao City.
Telephone Number: +63 (82) 286 8883 | +63 (2) 833.5680
Phone: (082) 286 8883 or (082) 286 1054 Telefax: +
Email:  booking@davaocrocodilepark.com
Website: adventurephilippines.ph/index.php

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