Dear Chesska,

August 31, 2014

Wasn't it just yesterday when you were born?

Time flies so quickly......

And I can't believe you are already two and seven months old. 

A baby is now a little lady.  

You know what?

You are half of my size, still, you are breastfeeding.

You can't sleep without me nursing you.

You were potty-trained two weeks ago before you reach this age. Finally!

You are quite different now than you were little.

Because you have grown a lot.




And Socially. 

Do you know that I often buy a pair of shoes because your feet are growing incredibly fast? " You inherit that big feet from me.

I thought you were "mestiza" because you were born white.  But as you grow older, you gradually turn out "morena", unfortunately you inherit that again from me. "

I notice you are a keen observer.

Like you have discovered letter "W" in the feet of your dressed-chicken toy. (sounds silly, right?)

Like you suddenly yell "rekikang" (rectangle), pointing to the ceiling of the church during the mass we had attended. Seriously, I didn't see it but your father did. (You are really a father-and-daughter tandem.)

Whenever we teach you something new, you can grasp things easily.

Like you can recognize almost all colors (despite the fact that your father is a color blind,  as I was worried he would pass this trait to you). You can already identify yellow, red, violet, pink, brown, black, orange, green , blue, and white.

You know your shapes wholeheartedly. But you sound hilarious when you say "rekikang", which means rectangle, and "chikikang" for triangle. You can also sort out shapes.

You get tired of hearing the ABC song over and over again because you already master the ALPHABET before you reach this age. You can sing it as well. But you happen to interchange TVU, instead of TUV..

You can count numbers from 1-20, and will attempt to count up to 30. What makes you funny is you only count the last digit of a two-digit number, and say "thirty" at the end. Same in 90 up to 100.

Just this week, you start counting using objects or animals in the chart.

You begin to argue with us. There's no way we can say blue if you already say white. Or mouse if you say lizard.

One time, when I was seriously reading a book, you suddenly popped up and grabbed it from me, making believe you could also read.

Because of that, we bought lots of books so you could make reading a habit someday.

Since the books arrive, you begin pulling up books from the shelf. You love browsing the pages, and name the objects you know.

I guess you can already name more or less 500 things in this book.

In fact,  you can already crack jokes. There's an instance that you see a page with a sexy woman, you say "MAMA" aloud and confidently. (mama was flattered...)

As you continue flipping the other page, you see a man of forty but hunky, and say "PAPA".(papa was bothered..joke)

I know that's only an innocent reaction of yours, but your innocence brings inner joy and laughter.

You are fussy until now which is hard to deal with, sometimes intolerable.

Sometimes I get irritated but your father doesn't at all.

That's how patient he is.

Only your father can tolerate your crankiness.

He carried you on his shoulder to soothe you up despite your weight, 12 kilograms (knowing your father is thin).

You're definitely a Papa's girl.

A semi-spoiled girl.

You begin talking to us in English because your Papa and I communicate to you in English at home, even though we're not good English communicators, at least we try. lol

You have been to various vacations already. And we are eyeing for more, more, and more vacations including abroad someday.

You start loving the presence of your friends of your age from the neighborhood (knowing that you are moody).

You smile and laugh with them. Run with them. Play with them.

You are sometimes a drama actress.

You will say "hurt, hurt, hurt", then pointing to any part of your body just to get our attention.

You will cry without your tears falling.

Like most toddlers, you are buggy and mobile.

Jumping at my back while I am resting.

Pulling my hair.

Messing up the house.

Pulling the curtains.


In spite of that, we are completely in love with you.

We love you more than we love ourselves.

Because you grow in my belly for nine months.

Every tiny tissue and cell you own is also part of me.

We are inseparable.

I wish when you are older, you will appreciate the things I write here.

And you will be proud of US.

Or even PROUDER. 

As your PARENTS.


Mama and Papa

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