Potty Training Chesska: The Trouble, Success and Other Stories

September 29, 2014
I often experienced mothers of older kids telling me that they potty-trained their kids as young as possible because they wanted to cut down their monthly expenses from buying diapers.

I love the thought either - to cut down the expenses - because as a stingy mom, I also want to save extra pesos.

Well, who doesn't want?

Apart from saving pesos , Chesska is getting older already,  and it looks odd seeing her grow, still wearing a diaper - seems as her permanent undies already.

So here are my true-to-life stories on how I got Chesska to graduate from diapering at day time. (Night time will be sooner. hehe)

1. The "No, No" stage.

I bought the potty long before Chesska turned 2 years old. And she was just potty-trained a month ago (she turned 2 years and 7 months then). In the first four months (but not on a daily basis) right after I bought the potty, Chesska refused to use the potty despite everything I've done. The moment I accompanied her to go near the potty, she would cry "No, No". I sat on the potty myself with the best facial expression I could show as if I were peeing and pooping.  I put Teddy Bear, Mickey Mouse, and other stuff toys, too,  just to convince her to go near the potty and sit there if she's about to pee and poop. But nothing worked!

Later I realized I might have caused her stress because there were times she would cry if I insisted her to go near the potty.

If she could only speak, she would probably say this.

Don't expect me to use the potty in an instant way, ok?

2.  Getting to know "Ms. Potty", first.

After persuading-Chesska period, still, she didn't give up to refuse.  Like any other toddlers, Chesska is a kind of tot whom you cannot force if she really doesn't want to. So as to end the war between us,  I became lenient of the training for a few months. I came to realize Chesska is not a military, she's still a toddler after all.

So she was happily playing with the potty as if it were her toy. She would use it as a chair, or she would detach some parts,  or she would use it as a ladder when she wanted to pull up books from the shelf. But I never failed to remind her that the potty is used for pooping and peeing.

Until she saw pictures of potty and toilet bowl in one of her books, I seized the chance story-telling her, "it is a small potty where Chesska poops and pees , and here is the big potty (pointing to toilet bowl) where mama and papa poops".  So every morning, I let her see again the pictures and I kept saying those over and over until it would inject in her mind the use of potty.

3.  Wear undies at day time.

Chesska already dislikes "DIRT". For example, she whines hysterically if she gets dirty or wet,  or when she accidentally spills choco-drink to her clothes. The same is true by letting her wear undies instead of a diaper for a week or so, during day time so she would know how it feels when wet or soiled from urine and  poops respectively. Though I had to sacrifice a bit from washing the stinky undies.

4. I should have waited until she could follow simple instructions.

The main reason why I couldn't get her use the potty was simply because she couldn't yet follow instructions. She could even hardly utter words as well (Chesska was 2 years old then to be exact) by the time I began potty-training her.

However by the time she was able to follow instructions, like when husband and I would ask "Chesska, pick up your toys ", "let's take a bath",  "go to sleep",  "drink your milk", it seems like other things like "potty training" in particular, happened as fast as the other routine she did.

5. Potty-training: The success

Potty training successfully happens right after she can follow simple instructions.  In fairness to her, in just 2-3 weeks of serious potty-training, (well I won't consider the previous months serious due to misunderstanding between Chesska and I. hehe ), I already got Chesska to sit on the potty.

In fact, I am very pleased to hear her say "Ma, weewee (pee), or popoo (poop),   or she could even manage to hold her pee (while holding hers) and run into the potty and sit herself. Though, there was a single instance where she accidentally withdrew a little poop on her undies (hehe) before she was able to sit on the potty. But since we are still in a "practice period", that's still acceptable, anyway. It has been said "Constant Practice Makes Perfect".

At the end of potty-training, and as a teacher and a mom myself, I've learned two things:


 And second:

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day.

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