Can't believe "I am already 3 years old plus.."

Sounds like a joke but that is not literally my age. I mean I am already 3 years old plus in the virtual world, working as a Virtual Assistant (but my employer insists I am a Webmaster), which is obviously unrelated to my finished course, TEACHING.  I didn't rejoice mainly because I've gone this far, I rejoiced because I survived for over three years working outside my comfort zone.

I still remembered the exact date, July 27, 2011, the day I was hired as a webmaster (kuno! hehe). Ma'am Cathy from Texas (my employer now) who first spotted my resume at, emailed me that she was looking for someone who could work for her as a content writer. I might be a good candidate for the position since she found my personal blog (my old blog impressive, she added.

"My writing? impressive? really?,  a series of questions I muttered as my initial reaction to her email. To be honest, I am still struggling yet striving to be a good one. Technically,  I still lack of know-how on how to be an effective and persuasive writer, even sometimes I find my grammar erroneous.

And so I emailed back and confessed, "I am not a competent writer,  but I could help you manage your online-business websites since I had been doing some projects in the past using WordPress" (me oozing with guts). After exchanging of multiple emails and chats, and agreeing of the salary and work hours, she finally hired me as a Webmaster.

For three years and 3 months to be exact,  I continue working cheerfully and comfortably in our home with flexible hours for as long as I meet five hours a day, which gave me the freedom to raise my little girl by myself. I praised God for giving me this rarest opportunity, and by His grace I strive to live the fruits of the spirit towards my career ( Galatians 5:22-23 ).

- to become a FAITHFUL employee;

- to show more PATIENCE towards my job - whether easy or complex; whether relax or tedious; (I know I have to work more on this.)

- to accept with a JOYFUL HEART no matter what job brings - whether there is a salary increase or not; whether there is an urgent task that needs to be done beyond my work hours.

- to practice SELF-CONTROL by not surfing the net unrelated to work such as Facebooking, etc; (I have been training myself to do away from Facebook during work hours (unless Ma'am Cathy would tell me "Today is a quiet and easy day; Take the rest of the day off; ") but I have to spank more my butt to discipline myself. hehe..)

- to maintain my GENTLENESS, KINDNESS, and LOVE towards my employer by respecting her suggestions and opinions during our work-collaboration; by using gentle and encouraging words during our chats and emails online.

- Lastly, if I'll  constantly practice all of the fruits of spirit above, I would get a fruit salad of PEACE  - peace of mind and a peaceful life, as tranquil as a lake.


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