DOH offers free immunization against Measles-Rubella and Polio for children below 5

September 02, 2014
Hello Mommies and Daddies! How are you?

You might already have heard about the free immunization against measles-rubella and polio, which is being repeatedly aired on TV. It is a month-long immunization campaign which is called "Ligtas sa Tigdas", starting September 1 through September 30, initiated by Department of Health (DOH), urging all parents to bring their children, below five years old, to the health center near their Barangay.

The free vaccination aims to protect the children from these life-threatening and infectious diseases particularly Measles-Rubella since there are multiple cases of measles have been monitored just this year, which many children have died.

In addition to Measles vaccine, oral polio will be also given despite attaining a polio-free status in our country.

Since Measles-Rubella has continued to be a threat to our children, I brought Chesska to the health center near us yesterday, September 3. The health worker was accommodating and complimented that Chesska was so brave because she did not cry after the injection. They put indelible ink on her finger, as a sign that she has been vaccinated.

Just cast my vote for a measles-and-polio-free country. hehe

For more info, please visit the DOH website.

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