Delaying Short-Term Gratifications for a Long-Term Reward

October 19, 2014
This is my cellphone, Firefly Mobile. I bought this two years ago for Php 900 only.

And this is husband's phone, too, Nokia. He bought it 3 years ago for Php 2,000 only.

If you've noticed, they're outdated phones, yet still both functional, serving to our BASIC NEEDS. I reiterate BASIC - Text and Call.

If you are wondering why we didn't upgrade to the latest and hippest phone (though husband and I earned more than enough), my answer is plain and simple, "It can wait until we achieve our ULTIMATE GOAL", which I will reveal later.

Though there were times we had been ridiculed as being Kuripot (stingy),well, it's ALRIGHT because we believe we're just doing right, with our HARD-EARNED money.

I may sound braggy, but we could afford Android phone or tablet with CASH, not CREDIT CARD, (which you may have heard a hundred times that we didn't avail). But as I said it can wait until we achieve our ULTIMATE GOAL.

No offense meant, but I always notice some people keep upgrading gadgets just to satisfy their "wants" in the present, or maybe just to impress others, or to level with their peers. Your personal motive I don't care but just ensure to  know your Wants from Needs.

Upgrading is not only true with gadgets, also true  with other "Lifestyles" that may have harmed your SAVINGS,  intended for the future.

I must admit there were a lot of times I had been drooling of these stuff.

And these - House Decorations

But I am up to "Drool" only. These stuff can wait, and I either.

Gadgets I can ignore, but this girly-girly thing is something hard to resist. The more I see them, the more they become irresistible. Every time we went to mall for groceries, I was tempted to stop by at dress shops or shoes stalls, but there's something nagging at the back of my mind, reminding me "IMPORTANT GOAL FIRST".

What I am implying is all about delaying short-term gratifications.

The main reason why we delay our short-term gratifications by not buying updated cellphones for example, is because we have to hit our target - fully pay our housing loan in five years time. Let me share you a brief story.

Last 2010, we availed a 120-square-meter house via PAGIBIG housing loan program, payable for 30 years for 5,620 pesos monthly.

What concerned me was in that length of time, many unpredictable events could possibly happen. What if my husband would lost his job since home-based job is unpredictable too. Or we may get broke due to any unexpected circumstances.

This concern had led us to think of ways how to shorten our payment terms. Instead of 30 years, we paid the principal amount (original price of the house) slowly, aside from monthly amortization, to lower the interest and number of years.

And finally, just last week, we already hit our target. After five years of belt-tightening and delayed-gratifications, it yields a fruitful result. A REWARD FOR A LIFETIME.

Since we completely settled our debt in PAG-IBIG,  I could already upgrade my old and cranky phone. (of course husband too, wink...) Yay!

And before I close this topic, I'd like to share this enlightening verse to help us attain our dreams.


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