Perk of Blogging: KFC Bucket Meal

November 02, 2014
And so last week Monday afternoon, I received a text message from KFC's manager, I supposed, telling me they'd stumbled into one of my posts entitled, "Chesska's 2nd Birthday held at KFC". The manager was pleased when she came to know I featured KFC birthday package in my blog,  and asked if they could possibly feature my post in their social media accounts. As a novice and starving blogger, to get noticed in one of the popular food chains in the Philippines is something I cannot decline. Without second thoughts, I texted back "SURE NO PROBLEM" (this is my typical answer when someone asks a favor).

After exchanging multiple texts, the manager finally told me to give me a free delivery of KFC bucket meal in return. I became speechless in surprise, but at the back of my mind I said "of course why not".  But guess what,  I asked a favor if they could deliver it Sunday, November 2, lunch time (you see how demanding I was..hehe). So the favor was granted after calling me the following day to update the time and date.

Gladly, yesterday Sunday, bucket meal was delivered right to our door which perked up our lunch. The bucket contained 8 pieces of chicken, macaroni salad or what they call "fixin", rice, 1 liter of coke, gravy, 4 packs of biscuits, and a crayon for Chesska.

Picture in another angle.

My husband was joking if I could possibly blog all the food chains so I could receive more perks next time. How I wish. hehe.

I have nothing to say more but thanks to KFC, Quirino Branch, for this very surprising perk. Till next time.

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