Goals for Year 2015

December 29, 2014
It's just a few hours away before New Year.  For most of us, it's both a success and a relief because we have just surpassed this year's challenges. Yay!

And tomorrow will be 2015. For many people, New Year means a brand new start plus another set of New Year resolutions to make.

However, I no longer make New Year Resolutions because I can hardly keep them. So I've come to the point of listing down my goals in place of New Year resolutions. I believe, there is a huge difference between doing something that is attainable and doable,  than just vaguely aiming or wishing for something under the shooting stars.

After all, our Lord God still takes charge of everything so His plans certainly work best than ours. But I am positive He will still bless my goals for year 2015. Here they are:

Note: My husband contributes his part in some goals stated below.

1. Maintain healthy lifestyle.

Yes, I have been a semi-vegetarian for almost 7 years now.  I cook veggies and fish most of the time. I seldom prepare or eat meat. I occasionally drink soda, that is when invited for the party. I don't eat junk foods. I can only count with my fingers I eat hotdogs and noodles. I don't eat processed foods often. And so does my husband. But the fact that we did not totally get rid of some toxic foods, then I wouldn't consider our eating habits healthy.

Our goal beginning next year is to completely eliminate meat, processed foods, soft drinks, and oily foods (fingers' crossed ).

We want to stay as healthy as we are now until we reach 50 - hopefully - so we can still enjoy the fruits of our labor, which I mention in goal no. 2.

2. Continue investing and saving. 

Investing and saving requires time, hard work, and above all self-discipline towards spending. And good to know we continue to develop those habits. We would like to add more savings for emergency funds - as you know the nature of emergency - and open a new account in COL Financial, a stock market,  in addition to our some other investments.

By the age of 50, which is our planned retirement age, we'd hopefully enjoy the money traveling, and share some of it to the charity and needy.

3. Read lots of books and refresh the grammar lessons for self-improvement. 

One of my favorite pastimes is reading books which I was deprived of way back teaching years. I usually read inspirational books, but I have changed my taste a bit now. I am more inclined to read fiction or novel books just for a change (lng). I aim to read from start to finish at least one book per month.

On the other hand, I would like to refresh my memory back about grammar lessons which are my flaws sometimes - I can't deny that .  That's why I downloaded numerous grammar lessons, and planned to study them over during my leisure time.

4. Be more patient with Chesska. 

Like most toddlers, Chesska throws a fit that is sometimes hard to deal with.  I'll work harder to extend my patience a little bit longer.  Also, I constantly pray for more wisdom, patience and understanding.

5. Create happy memories with my family.

The reason why I chose home-based job over my previous profession so I could devote my time with my family. And I'd like to take that time to create happy memories that last. No, this shouldn't come expensive like dining out often or vacationing. What I mean is to start at home first. 

I would allot at least 1-2 hours daily playing and homeschooling Chesska, though sometimes, I don't seem to enjoy the former much, but I will try to (hehe). I'll try to have a cheerful, happy, and appreciative presence in my family circle. I believe positive qualities are contagious.

*Set a monthly date with my husband. (husband insists this hehe)
*Travel once a year. (this too)

6. Buy a new domain, migrate my old site into a new hosting, and freshen up my blog. 

This blog has been my outlet to air my feelings out,  so this is included in my list too.

I would like to rebrand and re-optimize my site by entirely changing the domain and look-and-feel. As much as I want my blog to stay in the free hosting (blogger), it has limited features where I couldn't do everything I wanted (unlike WordPress).
7. Start mapping out a business.

I have lots of things in mind what type of business to put up. When I've already made up my mind, I would tell you the details. But for now, I do need to educate myself all about entrepreneurship, and of course, save for a start-up capital.

How about you? What are your goals for 2015?

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