It's Christmas Time Again!

December 01, 2014
I can hardly believe we're almost nearing the most awaited season, the Christmas season when Jesus Christ was born. Twenty-three Twenty-four days to go from the day I wrote this post.

I awoke this particular morning (December 1, 2014) with a feeling of excitement and joy, knowing that December is my favorite time of the year where my family and I observe everything we enjoy during holidays - from gifts giving, to Christmas decorating, to cooking, and to family gathering.  As I pondered today about what has been left in my Christmas-to-do list, looks like 50% is ready.

Christmas Tree. Check!  

We use the same Christmas tree and decorations every year, but I just add a new set of balls and ornaments this year as fillers. As you may see, the tree is filled with gold decors which symbolize GOLD itself. As Christians, we know that gold was a Christmas present offered by wise men during the birth of Jesus Christ. Gold also represents wealth and prosperity. Yes, I am hopeful and positive that 2015 will bring more prosperity and wealth to my family, of course with God's grace.

Christmas wreath hung outside. Check! 

The red ribbons with balls and the Merry Christmas thing were old stuff but I reused them. So that they would look new and refreshed, I attached a wreath behind them. So embarrassing, I am clueless what wreath symbolizes until I found today that it has a significance meaning. The circular shape represents eternity.  It also represents the thorn on Jesus Christ's crown when he was crucified. (noted)

House Makeover. Check!

Oh oh, Chesska started messing up the Christmas tree. Check!

Earlier I mentioned I have done 50% of my to-do list, and the remainder 50% would be sharing our blessings to the needy, attending mass but I can't promise simbang gabi , meeting and visiting families and old old friends hehe.

However, let us be reminded that the core of this celebration is not only focusing about the material things such as gifts, party, bonus, new clothes, whatsoever,  but also preparing ourselves spiritually by inviting Jesus Christ in our heart to lead and dictate our life.  Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God. He sent Jesus to us because of His unconditional love.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16. 

Let us look the new year this way, then we'll have an everlasting joy and a Merry Christmas!


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