Celebrating 4th Wedding Anniversary at Malagos Garden Resort

We hit another milestone. Yay! Ronan and I loved to celebrate anniversaries far away from home. Far away from chores. Far away from responsibilities. And for this, we thought of spending this eventful occasion at Malagos Garden Resort since we have never been to this place. Ever!

Interestingly, it was not a typical wife-husband date, but a kind of group date where my mother and some friend joined in. As the old saying goes, "the more, the merrier", isn't it? Actually, we already make this out-of-home celebration a family tradition yearly. Just last year we went to Eden Garden in Toril, and this year we settled into Malagos Garden after our deliberation, (lol) . And hopefully at Pearl Farm next year. (Ronan take note, wink...)

Back to Malagos...

Malagos Garden Resort is a 45-minute drive from Bago Gallera where we live. Ronan drove the car. The trip was smooth, no traffic at all. We got there safe at noon, just in time for lunch.
Welcome Signage
Reception Area for Guests

At a very affordable price of 2, 400 per night, we stayed at Standard Room (Medenilla) which can accommodate a family of five. The cottage is air-conditioned, provides hot and cold showers, has 4 bedrooms and closet, lobby for TV viewing, and a little veranda with overlooking on the nature that gives a delightful ambiance, making us forget the daily worries and fast-paced lifestyle in the city. The room rate is inclusive of breakfast, use of swimming pool, plus a free watch of Bird Interactive Show.

Standard Room

The Interior

Little Veranda
Free Use of Pool 
Children's Playground
Children's Playground
Giant Chess
Being raised in barrio for most of my childhood years, I must admit I haven't ridden to kalesa yet, so we seized this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Kalesa ride. For 50 pesos each, it wouldn't harm our pockets. We were being ushered by this horse (of course with the tour guide, lol) to round the Malagos garden for 10-15 minutes. An awesome experience, indeed!

Life is short. Don't miss opportunities to spend time with people that you love. -John Osteen-

Kalesa Ride
Jump Shot at Soccer Field
To be one with nature once in a while is one way to improve our quality of life. It gives us happiness, inner peace, and harmony. It will also help us reflect that we are connected with nature, without them our life is not balanced.

Treat the earth as if your life depends on it. Genesis 2:15

Malagos Garden
With loved ones
Just Me


Blooming Flower

One of my favorite aspects of the trip was the INTERACTIVE BIRD SHOW, designed to entertain guests through spectacular birds tricks, and educate everyone as well about birds' habitats and behaviors, and how global warming has impacted their existence. Don't miss to watch it, otherwise, you'll miss half of your life.
Ducks Evacuation Scenario 
The amphitheater was filled with the audience including students and day tour guests.
Birds Performing Tricks

Picture taking after the show. 
The foods offered make our taste buds happy. Though pricey, but worth trying. What I liked most was the sinigang where they used batuan (freshly picked from the garden), to make the soup sour. The sourness has a distinct taste and it's heavenly.

Free Breakfast
Lunch consists of sinigang na malasugi, garden salad, calamares, and fresh juice
Dinner includes kinilaw, chicken soup, fresh fruits, pork BBQ, sweet and sour fish.
Mama and close friend at Koi's Cafe
Koi's Cafe

Souvenir Shop

Contact Information:

Malagos Garden Resort 
Barangay Malagos, Calinan, Davao City
Telephone (6382) 301-1375
Fax (6382) 301-1533
Mobile 0917-700-8583

Malagos Garden Resort Davao Sales Office
Bolcan Street, Agdao, Davao City
Telephone (6382) 221-1545
Mobile  0917-625-2467

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