De-stressing at Villa de Mercedes Resort

Hello! I'm still kicking, crawling, jumping. I am still alive. Back into blogging.

I was really stressed for the past months for so many reasons. Work. Motherhood. National Election...Work. Motherhood. National Election.... (Nope, I did not run in any position, I was just an avid supporter of a certain candidate hehe) Aside from that, the weather is getting hotter which is not helping at all so I decided to sit back awhile and research online a superb place just within the Davao vicinity to de-stress.

Until I found Villa de Mercedes Resort website. Upon looking at the nice pictures posted, my gut feeling told me that this place might be worth a visit. Of course, you can't justify how nice the place is by experiencing it first yourself.

Situated 535 feet above sea level, you will be delightfully greeted by the hypnotic view of Davao gulf and Davao city that instantly eases away your stress and worries. Please note that Villa de Mercedes is an exclusive resort subdivision, which offers recreation to its members and lot owners such as infinity pool, coffee shop, and other amenities. However, walk-in guests are welcome to enjoy and relax.
At Cafe's Veranda
Wonderful Scenery of Davao City
Uncrowded Infinity Pool
Acting like Senyorito and Senyorita
In front of the Cafe
 Cottage View
Infinity Pool
Outside the Cafe
Outside the Cafe

A little expensive, Villa de Mercedes is one of the resorts the family should not miss to visit to especially during summer season. I am extremely picky as what places to go on vacation for my family. As much as possible, I wanted a resort that is less crowded, cool, child-friendly, clean and having an excellent customer service. I guess, all the criteria I had been wanting for were satisfactorily met.

Entrance Fee with Free Use of Cottage

Weekend: 250
Weekdays: 200

Take note that bringing of foods is not allowed. The resort itself has a cafe where you can order foods but I have to tell you in advance, they are super expensive. The burger alone is worth 250 pesos, and 1 liter of soft drink is 150 pesos. To make your vacation worth spending, bring as much money as you can so you will enjoy the resort's amenities to the fullest.

The resort is located at Catigan, Toril Davao City. For inquiries or reservation, call (082) 226-8695/301-1751 or you may visit their facebook page.

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