Sea Creatures Sensory Play

May 21, 2016
I am supposed to discuss /f/ sound and make a Frog Life Cycle but my model for each stage is not yet complete. For example, I couldn't find tadpole or even adult frog anywhere at the store. So I better skipped this activity and jumped into /s/ sound. If you are wondering why it is just too far, from F to S, don't worry, according to studies it doesn't matter if you teach letters in a sequential manner. I also decided to go through /s/ sound because I had materials ready for our sea creatures adventure in sensory bin. There are actually a lot of things we can discuss about that start with S using sea creatures sensory play.
Idea from:
To align with the concept, I prepared SEA creatures sensory bin. Chesska loves so much sensory play where she can explore or pretend making a story based on what she sees and feels. True enough, sensory activity has calming effects that it will help your child do away from tantrums.
Since we talked about /s/ sound, I took the opportunity to tackle about things that start with the letter S - shells, squid, seaweed, stone, sea, and many others.
It is a great and fascinating activity to do outdoor, too. Plus it does not only develop cognitive growth, as well as fine motor skills.
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