8th Month Pregnancy

August 10, 2016
On the one hand, social media like Facebook helps us connect and catch up easily with friends statuses and photos they post. On the other hand, I choose to remain as private as I am now so my friends barely see me post in my FB account.
As you can see, my tummy is as bulky as the cow's and ready to pop.
And speaking of Facebook, allow me to share a story.

Last week, before my online job started, I posted a status on FB (actually a hint about pregnancy symptoms) just to see how my friends reacted. As assuming as I am, I thought my close friends would guess what I was trying to imply. One of the reactions that amused me when one of my childhood friends, who is also a first-time mom, expressed concern that I had to see a doctor at the same time watch my diet.
Oddly, a seasoned mom, who is supposed to guess quickly about my pregnancy, made a joke that I already feel what aging people feel like her. But here comes another friend of mine, Luisa, revealed that I am going to give birth next month.  My friends who were able to read and follow our conversation would have been surprised.

Honestly, I've never posted anything yet about my pregnancy until last week, which marks my 7 months and 3 weeks pregnancy. On my way to 8th month next week. And I'd like to share with you how it really feels when you are on your way to 8th-month pregnancy. I am actually no longer new to these symptoms because I had experienced the same with my first-born. Here they are.

1. Bulky Tummy

Beginning 4th month onwards, my tummy grew faster month by month.  I don't know if "bulky" is the right term, but in my case due to its bulkiness, I feel that my womb seems crowded which limits me from doing what I want. For instance, when Chesska drops her toys or any stuff on the floor, I can hardly pick them up because I can already feel the weight and size of my tummy and it acts as a barrier whenever I want to bend my body. (lol)

2. Leg Cramps 

My home-based job entails long hours of sitting which may have triggered my leg cramps.  What I do is take a break by standing up awhile or putting my legs up. Good to know that husband always came to the rescue to massage the cramped muscle. Good to know that my employer understands my situation and she allows me to take breaks when really needed.

3. Swollen Feet and Hands (edema)

I don't have beautiful feet, to be honest. But looking at my swollen feet makes them uglier (ugh). I already find it normal because I experience this with Chesska when the third trimester of pregnancy begins. Temporarily, I did not wear my wedding ring because I can hardly take it off every time I use the bathroom.

4. Backache

One of the symptoms that I complain the most is a backache. Whenever I stand or walk longer, the ache starts. I make sure to sit or lie down for a while after doing household chores to at least ease the pain.

5. Craving and Aversion

No certain foods that I am really obsessed of. I have never tried to get "lihi"(as what other old folks said) ever since I conceived my first child. But I have been noticing that I ate more than what's only recommended diet for pregnant. Also, whatever foods pop up in my mind, I include them in my shopping list with my next visit at the grocery. While  I am averse to foods being prepared over and over again.

How about you moms? Have you ever experienced the same symptoms? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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