It's Time to Diet, Promise!

August 25, 2016
I know it's too late (or maybe not yet too late ) to diet a few weeks before my delivery!

By the way, when I ate my breakfast today, I still indulge in two cups of rice + a cup of hot milo +  a slice of sweet potato. What a burp! 

It's actually been a thought to start dieting as early as my 1st trimester of pregnancy but I can hardly resist foods to get my cravings satisfied. Anyway,  I'll be undergoing cesarean section so dieting is not that priority to me (hehe). Unlike those who will undergo normal delivery (as they said), should at least follow recommended diet so the baby won't grow fast and big to make the delivery a lot easier.

But what gives me the heads-up to start dieting is when I visited my OB a couple weeks ago for my prenatal check-up. Ideally, before my pregnancy begins, I only weigh 47 kilograms. But when the secretary of the doctor asked me to weigh myself, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw 58 kilograms on the weighing scale. Oh-My-Gosh!  This would have been the cause why I do get intense cramps from time to time.
Pregnancy at 8 months and 2 weeks
Recent Ultrasound - Baby at 8 months and 1 week
These are the variety of foods that I am planning to prepare daily starting tomorrow (fingers' crossed) without compromising the needed nutrients that every pregnant woman should get.

a. Breakfast 

I can hardly give up rice, but in the meantime,  I will go light breakfast. For example just the other day, I happily settled into a bowl of oats lavishly poured with milk. Oats are packed with plenty of nutrients including a fiber which aid digestion process. Whenever I feel hungry, I back up some slice of fruits or bread between regular meals.

b. Lunch

I am currently working home-based so I feel hungry whenever noon time strikes. During lunch time, I am planning to eat not-so-heavy lunch. For instance, my lunch yesterday, I only ate a handful of rice plus a bowl of red beans with broccoli. This viand is loaded with protein, vitamins, and minerals to keep me energized until my work ends at 3:30 pm.  I see to it to include fruits to get a well-balanced diet. I also take a break to munch a slice of fruits such as apple or bread.

c. Dinner

Like breakfast, I plan to go light dinner as much as possible. Most of the time when I eat too much, I suffer from indigestion and can barely breathe and sleep at night due to bloating. A glass of milk paired with sweet potato or crackers will do.

I do hope I can implement my meal plans religiously. After all, only three weeks left to endure. And there's nothing more exciting than seeing my new baby girlalooo very soon!

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