Chesska Receives Certificate of Recognition

September 14, 2016
I used to give a certificate of recognition to my students before and  witnessed how the parents feel after receiving fruits out of hard work from their children.

The joy felt by the parents is absolutely relatable! Just a couple days ago,  we received the same certificate from the school which recognizes children who perform well in the class.

It's actually beyond our expectations!

But it doesn't mean we doubted our child's capacity intellectually, but for some of you who do not know yet, Chesska had battled over separation anxiety since the first day of school, which we thought would have greatly affected her overall performance.

However, opposite to what we believe, our child clearly did an awesome job despite the lack of enthusiasm and independence in going to school. In fact, her scores in the test are evident that she can keep up academically with her other classmates.  I know she's too young to understand why she needs to attend school, but am hoping she will overcome her weak points as the time goes by.

A big congratulation to our tot! You did with flying colors.....(boom! confetti fall....)

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