Reunion with Fellow Teachers at Camella Northpoint Clubhouse

March 10, 2017
A weekend ago, my friends at the same time my fellow and former teachers of Davao Central High School where I taught for five years organized a reunion to welcome our very dear friend, Anelyn. We haven't seen her for over two years as she's been living in the US with her husband who is an American and at the same time a doctor. So each time she is planning to come home, she never forgets to give us a buzz - of course, our usual venue to exchange conversations is through group chat on Facebook.  So my friends decided to have a gathering at Camella's clubhouse, just a few walks away from the Camella condo where Anelyn and her family chose to stay for a month.

I'd like to share our photos and I feel great to see and spend time with them again knowing they are very busy with their own lives and careers now.
Just grabbed this photo from Luisa through her Facebook account (hehe).
Sorry, I was not there in the picture because I arrived very late in the afternoon as I still had an online job. I was surprised when they invited our former principal, Ma'am Celia Andas (one sitting down), as we used to be afraid of her due to her intimidating presence and strict administrative style towards teachers. But as seen in the picture, it seems that the atmosphere was cordial and relaxed (hehe). I was not able to catch up her as she went home early.
From left to right (standing): Matt (Anelyn's husband), Anelyn, Cheryl, Ma'am Celia, Imee, Vanessa, Rachel, Luisa, Marivic, and the kids.
 I requested to have a group picture again with me and I noticed we are getting fat-sign of progress.
Our original plan was to stroll Chesska (in pink top) at the mall with my husband while mother and I would stay at the clubhouse but when Chesska saw the children swimming, she became teary-eyed and wanted to swim already. Since I did not bring her swim suit, I just let her soak what she wore that day. Then my husband rushed to the nearest mall to buy clothes. 
Taking a picture in front of the condo building.
Mother and Baby Psalm
Our Pasalubong from Anelyn
Chocolates and Victoria Secret Lotion

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