Chesska's Recognition Day

March 30, 2017
We survived the entire school year after the hilaan, kumbinsihan, and iyakan period that lasted for almost a year (hehe).  As I've always mentioned in some of my previous posts, Chesska is shy to many people as she's only comfortable with her own territory (I mean our house) where she feels a lot safer and can do anything she wants to do. Until now, she remained afraid to dive outside her comfort zone. That's why when I sent her to a regular and big school several months ago, I knew that dozens of challenges awaited her as a pupil,  and for us as parents.

But the one-year challenge is finally over! 

Despite the tough times that Chesska had been through,  she was able to finish her school with Flying Colors. Well, I was already expecting it long before I received the school's program the day before the Recognition Day in which her name was written as Third Honors. In fact, Chesska was a consistent honor from the first grading up to the third grading period, so being Third Honor in the class is no longer a surprise.

So last week,  I took a leave of absence just to attend my child's Recognition Day,  giving academic and meritorious awards to children who only not excel in IQ but in EQ as well. I was so ecstatic to accompany my child march on the stage and personally place the medal on her neck. And we couldn't be more proud!
3rd Honors and Most Behaved Awards

We were pleasantly surprised when she was awarded as the most behaved in school, where in fact at home she's the most energetic (lolz).

Chesska's classmates
I know, Chesska is not yet graduated from this challenge for she has a long road yet to take and many foods to crave. But we assure her of our 100% support, undying love, and care so she can survive in this crazy world that we live in.

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