Family Outing at Dhen Yho's Place at Brgy. Kapatagan Digos

March 25, 2017
We are officially entering the summer season and I hate to admit that I don't like hot weather. Aside from it makes us sweat and uncomfortable all the time, it also started to take a toll on our health. In fact, around three weeks ago, my older daughter suffered from whooping cough and we all terribly got infected (our house was very noisy as we barked altogether. hehe). Then one week after, my two girls got a hand and foot disease as I learned it usually occurred during summer time as this.

However, there's something fascinating in the summer season that we are always looking forward to, that is to find a haven to cool down and take a fresh air in our system.  Agree?  So when my mother-in-law told us to scout a place for our family outing, the first thing that immediately entered my mind is go somewhere that is cold and refreshing. Until our neighbor, just next door suggested Dhen Yho's Place whom she and her family just recently visited.  Never had I heard the place before but when she gave a positive review about it, we decided to give it a whirl!

From Toril, Davao City, it took us 1 hour and 30 minutes trip going to Brgy. Kapatagan, Digos using a private car. We arrived at around 8:30 in the morning and great thing that we're able to capture the country's highest peak, Mt. APO clearly without the interference of the clouds yet.
Magnificent View of Mt. Apo

Lee Family
Two hours later, the peak was already covered with clouds (as seen in the picture above). Your adventure is never complete without taking a vivid picture of Mt. Apo so our timing was just perfect!
Two swimming pools for adults and kids. 
We had to take a dozen of steps descending to the swimming pool. I didn't bath as the water was very cooold. Moreover, the area is highly elevated so we got a splendid bird's eye view of Brgy. Kapatagan, surrounded by lush scenery and mountains.
Capture from the Swimming Pool

Kublai Art Graden

Just beside the Dhen Yho's place is the Kublai Art Garden, where the artworks and sculptures of one of the popular artists of Davao City, Kublai Milan, can be found. We felt like we're at the highest peak of the mountain where clouds and sky are almost reachable. The place is serene, cool, and beautiful, just perfect for the busy people like us who like to unwind for a little while. 

One of Kublai's Artworks
Agung House
Dhen Yho's Cottage for 500 pesos
Road Going to the Center of Brgy. Kapatagan
Dhen Yho's Canteen
Function Hall
I genuinely love the place and the weather is cold all day but getting to Dhen Yho's place is a little bit of concern for me as the road is very steep and you have to go through a lot of curves up and down (piso na lng pamasahe para langit), which is not safe for children. If you drive your own car, make sure it is in good condition and to fill the tank as there's no gasoline station along the way. The path going to the parking lot of the resort is rough and uncemented so some car owners just left and parked their cars downstairs. Obviously, the resort is not yet fully developed and there are still lots of parts to improve so they can attract more tourists to visit.

Dhen Yho's Place is located at Kinambulan, Brgy. Kapatagan, Digos City.  You may contact them through their Facebook page.

Entrance Fee: 25 pesos

Swimming pool:

   100 - Adult
     50 - Kids

Cottage: 500

Tent: 100

No Foods Corkage

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