What to expect when a baby starts teething?

We cannot really tell when can a baby possibly start teething, however, there are signs that will help us to determine when she's on the way. Regarding my baby’s experience, she started teething as early as 5 months old. Her first pair teeth burst out at the lower, central portion, followed by the upper central pair teeth, and many more. During this teething stage, she behaved so strangely. Drooling, ear pulling, whining are just a few of the signs she went through.  So, read more of the signs I'm going to share with you.

Signs of Teething in Babies

1. Drooling

She drooled a lot when she was 3 months old. I always wiped it with bibs, as to avoid face and neck rashes (read more about newborn baby rashes)

2. Ear Pulling 

Ear pulling was her frequent habit. I did not mind it at first, as an association to her teething symptoms, but I realized that whine was due to her teething, that’s why she would pull her ear.

3. Biting

She was fond of biting her little fingers, and anything she held. That was the time I introduced to her teethers.

4. Crying/Irritable

This is due to teething pain, that is why she cried.

5. Whining 

She whined aloud when her upper teeth were about to break the gum. This happened when she was 9 months old.

6. Mild Fever 

She had mild fever reached 37 Degree Celsius temperature but according to my pediatrician, it was not considered fever (not alarming).

7. Awake 

She just wanted to be embraced because of her discomfort. So, I had to carry her until she fell asleep, and put her down on her bed. The moment she woke up, she cried, so I had to carry her up again.

8. Loss Appetite

My baby refused to bottle feed or to breastfeed. But, when she was very hungry and the pain subsided, she drank her milk.

Baby teething remedies

  • Teether- I bought a silicon teether. You could buy this at the baby shop or malls. She used to bite this before her teeth burst out and I did not give any other toy for her to bite. Just make sure the teether is clean, sterilized, and not detachable from the baby.

  • Xylogel - It is a teething gel to relieve the pain of the gums. I just rubbed a small amount to her swelling gums to relieve the pain as often as needed.

  • Paracetamol - My pediatrician prescribed me Paracetamol (Tempra or Calpol). This helped to relieve away the pain.
  • Mother’s Comfort -The best thing a mother can do to a teething baby is to be for him/her for comfort.  A mother's comfort of undying love is the best medicine for the baby.

Disclaimer: The information shared on this site is based on my personal experience. Health condition and nutritional needs of a baby differ from other babies, therefore, it should not be considered medical advice. Always consult your baby's pediatrician before taking action after reading this blog.

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