Ways to Treat Newborn Baby Rashes

Most babies are vulnerable to rashes because of their delicate skin.  However, it can be prevented if we keep baby clean.  My newborn baby had also experience rashes due to weather temperature- too hot that made her sweat a lot.

How to get rid of newborn baby rashes?

  • I made it sure that all her clothes (read also newborn clothes in the early month ) are clean including bibs, which always make contact with her mouth and face.
  • I changed right away her clothes when she got wet due to excess sweating (at this age, baby sweats a lot)
  • I used a hypoallergenic soap (Lactacyd for baby is very effective for prickly heat)
  • I also applied cream to her rashes, just a small amount (I used calamine - it vanished quickly baby rashes)
newborn baby rashes

In the pack, it says, "A multi-Purpose Moisture Barrier Ointment Which Protects, Soothes, and Helps Promote Healing of Skin Irritations from: diaper rash, itching, eczema, prickly heat, allergic rashes and acne to name a few."

Instructions: Cleanse skin, pat dry, and apply 2-4 times daily or as necessary to promote comfort and protection.

I also consult some videos in you tube how to take care of baby rashes aside from my ways.

Newborn Skin Rashes -What to Do for a Rash on a Baby's Face & Chest

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The information shared on this site is based from my personal experiences. Health condition and nutritional needs of baby differs from one baby to another, so It should not be considered medical advice. Always consult your baby's pediatrician  before taking any actions after reading this blog.
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