1st Birthday Stress-Free Tips

1. Plan Ahead

Plan at least two or three months before the birthday party to avoid “last minute” preparation that leads to messy outcome. Keep in mind that this is a party for your baby, not for the BIG ones. Prepare what are needed for the children to enjoy the party. Then, consider the important thing, the budget that would cover everything according to the parents’ desire and affordability.

2. Budget

200 to 250 dollars is good enough.  But if you are tightening your belt, it is needless to spend expensively, neither drown yourself from debt just to give a grand birthday party. The simpler, the better, just be creative and resourceful. It is also wise to list down the things you need not to overspend and exceed to your budget.

3. Venue

You can choose between home or get a reservation outside beforehand. The benefit about holding a party at home is that you can save hundreds. However, just expect messes and clutters after the party. On the other hand, when the venue is outside, it is much costly but you can go home with no worries. No things to fix and clean up

4. Theme

Party Themes will highlight the birthday party concept of your baby. You could choose any like Safari Adventure party, Bubbles Party, Dora the Explorer party,  Disney Princesses Party, etc. Make sure to choose a theme appropriate for your baby's gender and interest/favorite.

5. Games

There are a lot of enjoyable and knowledgeable games suitable for kids such as Bring Me, Paper Dance , Stop Dance , Trip to Jerusalem, PABITIN (“Hanging” in English) are some traditional fun games among Filipinos during parties. (For more details, click here.) The host has avenues of prepared “pakulo” (means “surprises”) for these kids.You could also hire a magician or a clown to host the children's games but it is a bit costly.

6. Time

Babies have short span of attention. A long party will bore and tire them that will make them to be cranky. So, take into consideration the time duration enough for children’s span of attention.

7. Foods

Most kids aging 1 to 10 years old love to eat hotdogs, spaghetti, chocolate cakes, and buttered chicken. Babies below one year old do not eat much yet, so prepare  some for them, too.

8. Costume -Match your baby's costume with your theme. Just make sure that the outfit he/she is wearing is comfortable for him/her throughout the party or it could cause him/her ruined the party excitement and energy.

9. Party Favors - Kids have always been anticipating for toys and candies during birthday parties. Prepare loot bags with their favorite cartoon character designs and filled each loot bag with candies, chocolates, and other sweets. You can have giveaways like toys suited to their age.

10. Guests - Limit your guests. At most, 25 kids will do. Too crowded venue will just make your baby wonder and somewhat bother him/her enthusiasm of the party.

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