Home-based Job Ideas for "Stay-Home-Moms"

Who would not believe that "stay-at-home-moms" could not earn while taking care of their baby at the same time? There are actually many ways which you can monetize your skills in the internet, depending where you can maximize your ability.

With the advanced, fast, and easy access of the technology nowadays, working at home is within our reach as long as you are open to face new challenges and you are willing to adapt and learn the kind of work in the internet such as customer support, webmaster, virtual assistant, article writer, researcher, data entry job, and many other options.

Let me share with you my three jobs at present. One is a full-time Webmaster which requires me 5 hours a day of work - from Monday-Friday, the second one is being a Blogger where I spent for 2 hours a week, and third is MARY KAY’s Independent Beauty Consultant and YES, all of these generate income.

1.Webmaster - I have been a full-time webmaster for two years. Mainly, my job is to set-up Wordpress sites, install and configure Wordpress themes and plugins, manage contents, minor tweak of CSS and HTML design. In some instances, my boss asked me to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), research keywords, design a banner using a Photoshop software, and many others.

If you posses one or more of these skills, why not try online jobs? At the beginning, it is hard to adjust with the assigned tasks especially if you are new at it, but as you will get use to it, you can adapt the pace of work especially when you do it  repeatedly. Speaking of my current job, I got this here.  All you have to do is to register, complete your profile and fill in necessary information, attach your resume and you are "Good to Go" to hunt a job. I am also recommending these sites where you can find a legitimate job that suits your interest.


2. Blogger - Blogging is just like making a diary of your life. You can document your experiences depending on the field of your interest. In my case, I write down all my experiences being a First Time Mother- as you can browse it in my blog.  I started building this site eight months ago in blogger.com. In that span of time, I published fresh, relevant and unique contents at least twice a month and optimize contents for search engine.

For a novice, I know SEO is obviously technical in term. It means Search Engine Optimization. You can fully understand this by reading this tutorial. Now, how can your earn money by blogging? If your blog gets a lot of traffic or many have visited your site, then you can start apply Google Adsense. Once your request has been approved, you can already run ads to your blog . The moment a visitor clicks your ADS, it means, you can earn money.

To set up your blog, all you have to do is to create a Blogger account,  name your blog, and choose a template. Here's the link to get started and simple tutorial to guide you.

3. Mary Kay Beauty Consultant
- Do you want to put up your own business at a low capital, plus beautify yourself for free? Work a little time but earn big? Why not try Mary Kay direct selling?  All you have to do is to register for 1,975 pesos and you'll receive a start-up business kit. The company encouraged newly registered consultant to attend ESRS (Essential Steps to Reach Success) in order to get to know the business strategies, to learn facial classes, and to know different beauty products. You can sell products online such as Facebook if you want to.

I am still 3 months old as an Independent Beauty Consultant but I already  enjoyed the benefits of this company.  You are entitled to a 25% to 45% commission if you can sell the bracket income categorized by the company. I earned more than I expected plus I enjoyed using the beauty products for free. You can earn unlimited income if you are just hard-working. If you think you are a  "sweet spoken salesperson", try to register with the help of a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant or go to any Mary Kay Beauty Center near you. For those who live here in Davao City and wish to be a consultant, you may contact me here.

Final Words

Work is not about wearing a uniform in a certain company, home-based moms like me can earn more if we learn how to manage time wisely, becoming flexible on the nature of work you are in, and most of all, be learnable to adapt aside from what you used to have. 

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