Toddlers Driving You Crazy? 4 Ways to Handle their Behavior

One of the challenging behavioral stages of our children is to surpass their toddler years. A mother’s patience is tested during this span of years – one to three. Most common but less adorable behaviors of toddlers are hitting, biting, hair pulling, interrupting, lying, running away, screaming, throwing tantrums, tattling, teasing, throwing things, whining, kicking

How to improve toddler's behavior?

1. Understand them.

Toddlers need to be understood on their innate behavior. Remember that they are just small kids who need understanding from their parents. Each of them is unique and developed astonishingly through their physical, intellectual, cognitive including hearing, speech, and language), emotional, and behavioral growth.
They have their milestones to discover, explore, and learn from doing things around. So, running around, climbing, screaming are just normal for them and they have to be closely monitored and to teach them rightly. Yelling and scolding at them when they do something wrong can not help, instead, it will worsen their behavior.

2. Show your love.

Positive attention and love must be expressed deeply to our toddlers. Don't reserve your feelings. Be generous with hugs, kisses, and praises to motivate your toddlers to follow simple rules. Turning punishments to positive reward is a great way in ironing out your toddler’s behavior. “Ex. Instead of scolding your toddler for leaving his scattered toys on the floor after playing, why not teach him how to fix them.Then reward him by kissing, hugging, praising, or just simply giving his favorite snack, taking him for a bike or walk outside your house.

3. Be a good example.

Every toddler learns by example. Your behavior as a parent is the most important factor in raising your child. Be careful that he/she does not see any negative behavior for he will surely imitate it. So as a first teacher of your child, always show good examples for it will instill in their minds for a lifetime.

4. Seek help from professionals.

During the toddler years, we experience three unique challenges: the challenge of teaching obedience, the challenge of harnessing energy, and the challenge of maintaining control. Here, our friends like the health-care providers, early childhood educators, and child development specialists worked together to create amiable programs to help parents, grandparents, and caregivers for convenience in handling children like toddlers.


Toddlers are bringing hope in the future. They exercise their own right with proper supervision of adults. They are considered jewels of the country, who knows?, this toddler will become the future president, right? That’s why, our children trust us with a huge responsibility from their parents, grandparents, siblings, and the environment whom they are brought up. They depend on us to provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating place to live. In return, we will get their affectionate response from our efforts throughout their growing stage.
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