My Birthday Wishes for Someone Special!

June 22, 2014
Gee, today is your Birthday!  Seems like it just happened yesterday when you were "22".  Time flies so fast indeed!

But who says you are 32? haha!

By the way, I have a revelation to make. Ronan, is a type of guy who never broadcasts his birthday to his friends. Nor he celebrates his birthday extravagantly. It's not because he is the thriftiest among the thrifty, it's because he simply likes to celebrate birthday simple and practical.

Actually,  my original plan was to make a birthday card for him. However, while at the middle of writing from a scratch of paper, lots of things suddenly popped up in my mind. If I would insist to write them all in a single card, surely, they wouldn't fit. So I finally decided to write here on my blog.

Well, happy 32nd birthday my luvs! Holy Crap, you're already 32 just like me! Seems like we want to forget our birthdays since it often reminds us that we're on our way to aging (huh!)..Don't worry, we belong to the majority.

By the way, here's my fake-birthday-cake just for you. I just grabbed it somewhere and I forgot a photo credit.(I hope the owner of this photo won't find me, otherwise...)  Anyway, being 32 just happened once in a lifetime. So claim it wholeheartedly..hehe

I believe God has given you another year, to savor life to the fullest and continue exploring life beyond 32.

I believe He has abundantly blessed you (both tangible and intangible), so you can also be a blessing to others.

I believe, you deserve to celebrate your 32nd birthday today.

Because of that, allow me to share my birthday wishes.

Wish no.1  My ultimate wish is that may our Almighty Father provide you more strength, long and prosperous life, and the best of health.

Wish no. 2.  Hopefully, you will gain more weights and fats. (haha)

Do you see a bulging muscle? Well, courtesy of

Wish no. 3 May you achieve your short-term and long-term goals in life.

Long-term Goals

Short-term Goals

Wish no. 4 As always, be the the best dad ever and faithful-husband.

Wish no.5 Stay cool and humble as what you are now.

Once again, happy happy 32nd Birthday. More cakes to eat and candles to blow.

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