One Sunny Afternoon

Hello everyone! This is part two of "My tot's funny stories". If you miss reading the first part last time, here it is. I can't say it will make you laugh until your belly hurts, but one thing I am sure of, it will make you smile.

So the part two story goes this way....

Everyone was busy watching TV, except, of course,  Chesska who was busy tinkering the cabinet where her toys were kept.

It was summer time so the day was extremely hot which made our little girl to be somewhat cranky.

The electric fan did not help.

 At all!

 To settle her down.

The rotational power interruption also added to that uncomfortable and annoying day.

Chesska who felt agitated, approached me.

She tried communicating to me, but I could hardly understand (seems a mixture of different languages and didn't know where in the world she got that)

Looked so pissed,  she took my hand and pulled me over to our room.

She demanded.....

Chesska: Pointing to our door....

Me: Figuring out what she was trying to tell me. I assumed she wanted me to close the door, so I did!

Chesska:  Looked satisfied, but she again demanded and pointed to our window.

Me:  She might want me to close the window, I thought.  So here's again the poor mom, obeyed her little bug, so she closed the window.

Chesska:  For the third time around, she demanded,  "urtain". (Our curtains then were tied in the middle to allow extra light to the room.).

Me: My third guess was that,  she wanted me to untie the curtains so the room would be a little dimmer like at night when the light was off) , so I did again.

Chesska: "Ncune"

Me: What? What's ncune? (Yes you heard it right, I asked in English..)

Chesska:  Pointing straight to our aircon.  And she demanded, "ncune".

Sorry for the messy background...

So that’s how my tot's funny story ends….

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