Speak English Please!

"Speak English" was one of our school policies several years ago when I was still a  Math teacher of a certain school, actually a private school.  Anyone who violates the rules will pay one peso. Because of that, students tried their best not to speak vernacular, otherwise, their "baon" would easily run out.

That particular experience gave me an idea last week to do similar in our own home: "Speak English" to my little girl,  of course with exemption "No Fine Policy". (hehe).

I know it sounds awkward and baduy (uncool) for a typical Filipino Family like us to use the said language.

I guess most of you would react "why bother" in fact,  we have our own dialects where we are already comfortable of? Well, I did not say it's mandatory, what I was trying to say is to interact with your child while still young using "BASIC ENGLISH", is it difficult?

Moreover, you don't need to be like an American dude who can speak fluently in order to teach your child the "most basic and common English", right?

Unless, you grew up in a family who is speaking English well.  Unless you were raised in English-Speaking countries.  Unless  your parents sent you to a prestigious school and the medium of instruction is pure English.

Frankly,  it has always been a daily struggle since it is not the usual thing we do (with my husband). Even though we learned English concepts in school half of our life (from Kinder to College), but the fact that we did not practice the concepts to real-life conversation, then we can't say we can speak  English spontaneously!

That's why when Ronan and I  started talking English to our little girl for the first time, we both laughed when our tongues would sometimes twist, or mistakenly pronounce the words. However,  we refuse to give up for the sake of our child's welfare.  "Practice makes perfect, dba? "

The bottom line is "it's all about our child who may benefit from it in the long run".

There are two main reasons why it made us decide to do such thing:

First, English has been very important in academic success.  Learning the language is a vital skill to develop while your "kiddo" is still young. So when the time comes that Chesska is ready to school, she'll comprehend her lessons easily.

Second, it is a valuable asset for your "kiddo" to possess in order to succeed in job and or business as well in the near future.

I don't foresee yet the disadvantages of using the said language in our own home. All I know for now is that it has lots of advantages over disadvantages. Why not start speaking "Basic English" (I reiterate "basic") at home with your child right now? Do not mind other's criticism. Just focus on your child's success.

Good Day and God Bless!

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