Chesska Ranks 2nd in the Third Grading Period

January 24, 2017
From a mother and teacher instinct, I knew,  Chesska would receive this award.  By the way, rain has been pouring all morning while writing this blog post.

Over the weekend, during the card-giving day, I personally went to school to get Chesska's card and had a chance to talk to the teacher regarding Chesska's performance in class. Well, I heard the same feedback as the previous gradings like she said that Chesska was not answering in oral recitation. But on the other side,  she stressed that Chesska started to mingle already with her other classmates. In other words, her socialization skill has improved.

So, a couple of days ago, she greeted me with this certificate stating she ranks second in the third grading period. I forgetfully mentioned to you previously that Chesska also placed second in the second grading period. Meaning, she maintains her rank in the 3rd Grading. Although I haven't paid much attention to her since her younger sister was born, she continued to excel in her academic performance. I adore my husband ( as my substitute) for being patient in teaching Chesska almost every day.  The credit goes other than - my awesome husband!

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