Chesska's 5th Birthday

January 19, 2017
I actually digressed from the original plan. We have long planned to go in Samal because Chesska's birthday falls on Saturday -  would have been a perfect day -  and her favorite outdoor activity is no other than - swimming all day. However,  I was a little skeptical traveling across the city with a 4-month-old baby,  which is not convenient at all. So we ended up celebrating at home with simple snacks prepared for children and adults as well. In spite of the simpleness, the celebration was still a BLAST!

Before I share photos, let's take a look at Chesska's past birthdays from first to fourth - and spot the difference.
Dora-themed 1st Birthday 
2nd Birthday at KFC with Angelina Ballerina theme
Frozen-themed 3rd Birthday
4th Birthday with Sophia theme

Fifth Birthday

A day prior to her birthday, we rushed to SM ( since it was also a rush decision ) just to buy a handful of balloons, loot bags, and her dress as I promised before (great thing I got 50% discount). As you can see her tarpaulin is designed in Little Pony as she's a big fan of it right now.  She claimed she is Rainbow Dash while her younger sister, Psalm, is "Spike the Dragon" (poor baby Psalm).  

Chesska's friends from the neighborhood

Chesska and her ninang

Simple meals prepared for dinner for our relatives

Ronan's relatives

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