Nine Best Places I Have Visited in Davao

March 19, 2017
Life is here!, which is our city's slogan that every Dabawenyo is very proud to say. Living in Davao for over two decades, I have witnessed through my naked eyes how our city has boomed in terms of economic, education, and tourism. And talking about tourism, the first thing that often enters our minds are the tourist destinations that are nice to visit to. If ever you would ask my two cents, I would definitely recommend the places listed below.

Here, I have compiled a list of 9 best places my family and I have visited:

1. Davao Eden Garden and Nature Park Resort

I clearly remember when I first explored this place. I got nervous while travelling way up the hill as the road was very steep. But when we got there, my nervousness vanished right away as I was calmed down by the cold breeze gently kissed my skin, tall pine trees dancing with the wind, and the sweet smell of the different flowers. Some of the things that I cherished the most were the horseback riding, botanical garden tour,  early-morning trekking, and the mouth watering foods. Click to learn more. 

2. Seagull Mountain Resort in Buda

Seagull is located at Marilog District, known as little Baguio of Davao, which is a perfect destination for your family this coming summer season.  I absolutely enjoyed watching and hearing the waterfalls as the water pounded the rocks. One thing I couldn't forget about Seagull was when we were terribly shaking while taking a dip in the ice-cold swimming pool. Click to learn more.

3. Japanese Tunnel Family Resort

If you opt historical sites, you may want to consider Japanese tunnel in your trip when in Davao. I literally went inside the tunnel and discovered replicas of Golde Budha, Japanese soldiers, golden bars, and the cage where the Filipino soldiers got imprisoned during World War II.  My fur stood upon hearing the story of the tour guide of how the Filipino soldiers died there. But there's more than the tunnel that the resort has to offer.  They have a hotel, restaurant, and swimming pool too where you can indulge in after your tunnel adventure. Click to learn more here.

4. Malagos Garden resort

Don't you ever miss a Kalesa ride that will bring you around the Malagos garden resort.  Plus you've got a chance to interact with the birds during Interactive Bird Show which is held every Sunday. You will be filled with tons of information especially how to take care of our mother nature. When going home, don't forget to buy their best-seller chocolates as they themselves manufacture the said product made from quality cacao beans harvested directly from their farm.  Click to learn more here.

5. Villa de Mercedes Resort

Situated at 535 feet above sea level, you will be delightfully greeted by the hypnotic view of Davao gulf and Davao city that instantly eases away your stress and worries caused by working so hard and meeting numerous responsibilities from home. I was fascinated by the view of their infinity pool as if connected to the sea,  picture-perfect landscape, and most of all the serenity of the place that can help soothe your body and mind. Everything was really amazing! Click to learn more here.

6. Crocodile Park

I am quite certain that your tots will surely love crocodile park as what my 3-year old had experienced then. The said place is not mainly raising a hundred crocodiles, but housing exotic animals too that we've only seen for the first time. I  suggest you visit the park beginning 3:00 pm so you would see an array of shows including bird shows, tiger climb, crocodile feeding and other fun-filled activities you and your child will totally enjoy. Click to learn more.

7. Rancho Palos Verdes Sports and Country Club Resort

After your crocodile adventure, head straight to Ranchos Palos Verdes Club resort to get refreshed by their beach-typed swimming pool and enjoy their buy-one-take-one pizza. The resort is just five minutes walk from the crocodile park. If you are a member of the club, you will enjoy the lifetime use of swimming pool and other amenities such as billiards, lawn tennis, badminton, etc. Click to learn more.

8. Paradise Island

If you want to go further the boundary of Davao city and look for a great beach to escape to, I would highly recommend Paradise Island (it's already part of Davao del Norte, at least still Davao,  lol...) for it boasts its fine white sand and clear blue water. A trip to Paradise is never complete without trying their numerous water sports activities such as snorkelling, kayaking, banana boat riding, island hopping,  and most of all scuba diving. Click to learn more.

9.Camp Holiday Beach Resort

Still, nothing beats the beaches of Davao. Much like Paradise Island, Camp Holiday has fine white sand and clear blue water, too. It is a must-visit beach resort for those who want to escape from a hustle and bustle of the city life. Click to learn more.

It's safe to say that I've been to more than 10 places in Davao but I just failed to document them due to my super hectic schedule (hehe), but I promise to add more to this list as soon as I go into an adventure again as you know I am an adventurous gal with itchy feet who constantly craves for a travel. Well, thanks for reading.

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