Looking Back 2016

January 09, 2017
I apologize for not writing very often. I am so busy ever since I gave birth to my second child. But don't worry, I'll try my best to make up this year.

By the way, how's your New Year? Ours was celebrated as normal as regular and quiet days due to firecracker ban here in Davao city. Aside from that, my brother and his family already went back to Bukidnon after their Christmas vacation here so I didn't have a sing-along buddy anymore(hehe).  So we just slept early and when the clock struck 12:00 midnight, I just got up quickly and peeked through the window to see what our neighbors were doing. Some of them were beeping the horn of their cars while some of them were hitting their pans and cans to shoo away bad fortunes.

Now as we kick off 2017, I would like to begin my blog with my random memories during last year. Here we go!

1. January - Chesska's 4th Birthday

Normally, it's the first month of the year where we all started tightening our belt because we had just celebrated the Christmas and New Year which made us all broke (hehe). Almost all of our budget was generously spent to gifts giving, noche buena, and family gathering.  But we assured to set aside some money to celebrate Chesska's 4th birthday.

This was the simplest birthday celebration ever yet the most memorable one.

2. February - My Birthday

I celebrated my 34th birthday last year! Oh, how I hate to reveal my age online. But I love the fact that God has given me another year to feel his goodness through the love of my family and friends. I was also grateful that my employer gifted me extra dollars for me to buy something new for myself. 

3. March - Nothing Special

Nothing was so eventful with this month. 

4. April - First Church Wedding Anniversary

I specifically mentioned "Church Wedding Anniversary" because I got married twice with the same man, of course. In 2010 November, I got married through the civil ceremony which took place at Hall of Justice Davao. And we officially tied the knot before the eyes of God in April 2015. So last year, we celebrated our first Church Wedding Anniversary at Villa de Mercedes Resort. This was the best outing I've ever had with my family. 

5. May - National Election

The national election would have been the craziest event that ever happened in my entire life. I became an avid supporter of Mayor Duterte, now President (Yay!). I followed his campaign trail online, promoted him over social media, and even fought for him from his detractors that resulted in a word war. Well, I felt no regrets and it's all worth it.  I am a proud Dutertard, anyway!

via: www.imgrum.net/tag/PHelection

6. June - Chesska's First Day of School 

I had been homeschooling Chesska for almost a year before she set foot in a regular school. She found first day of school very exciting but as the days went by, she refused to attend school due to separation anxiety. In spite of that, she still managed to get high scores in the exam and even received a certificate of recognition.

7. July - SSS Woes

SSS inefficient system has caused a delay on my maternity benefit's claim which made me so disappointed.  You can't believe that until now I didn't yet receive my maternity reimbursement. I called them up several times today and they vowed to take care of my papers. I thought, with the new Duterte administration, change is coming? 

8. August  - 8th Month Pregnancy 

I didn't mention anything about my pregnancy until 8 months for me to surprise my friends and relatives who are living far away from us.  The question is, were they really surprised?

9. September - Giving Birth to Baby Psalm 

I gave birth to my second child, Psalm. This was the early Christmas gift we have ever received from heaven last September. Thank God I survived the CS operation despite some complications that I had been through. Yes, I am still alive and kicking hehe!

10. October - Baby Psalm Loves Bathing

I was wondering why Psalm cried every time I took her out of the bathtub. I soon found out that she did really like bathing.

11. November - 6th Civil Wedding Anniversary

We typically go for an outing every wedding anniversary, unfortunately, I just newly gave birth to my second baby so we opted to celebrate at home.

12. December - Baby Psalm's Baptism

The highlight of our Christmas celebration was when baby Psalm got baptized on December 25,  in line with Jesus Birthday (which was almost cancelled because one of our Ninongs failed to attend the pre-baptism seminar for some valid reasons ). Also, my brother, along with his family came home to celebrate with us.

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