Karlo's Gourmet & Coffee Shop at Jack's Ridge

May 20, 2017
What better way to reward myself on Mother's Day than treat "myself" with foods (lol)!  We're supposed to eat at Taklobo restaurant just across Karlo's Gourmet cafe but I decided to try another cuisines for our lunch. Yeah, I know, I am a rice-eater gal but there's nothing wrong to try something else other than what we were used to. The cafe (daw) serves Italian, Mexican and French dishes , so we gave it a try!

Here's what we ordered:
The Chef's Burger at 238
Special Spaghetti at 200 

Clubhouse Sandwich at 198

Chocolate Cake

Strawberry Mocha at 150 & Double Choco cookies & Cream at 120
Though I was still looking for a heavy meal such as rice but the foods made us really full. The prices of the foods are outrageously high but it is just right because the venue is classy and cozy. The food's taste was as typical as the other cafe I've tried. So nothing really special!
Main entrance of the cafe
cafe's interior
Overlooking to Davao City

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