Finally Enrolled in the Kindergarten

May 25, 2017
I am fully aware that SPC's enrollment just started on the early week of April. However,  I just enrolled Chesska a couple of weeks ago as I was still saving money to reach my projected amount so I could pay half of the whole year’s tuition fee. But here lies the problem when you enroll very late. She nearly went to the afternoon class, but when I complained to the registrar that we made a reservation prior to the enrollment, Chesska was inserted in the morning (what's the purpose of the reservation after all). I sighed with relief when I learned that there's one remaining slot in the morning session as Chesska was used to this schedule. A lesson learned, indeed!
Chesska & Mama
But why is the tuition fee so outrageously high nowadays in the private school? Isn't it stressful to become a parent, hehe? 

The whole year tuition fee including the miscellaneous is P 44, 500 and I gave an initial payment of 20, 000 so the monthly tuition fee would, at least, go down. While I want to transfer my child to other private schools where the tuition fee is much cheaper than SPC, Chesska will again adjust to her new classmates, teacher, and environment knowing how timid she is. If I also move her to the public school where the tuition fee is absolutely free, I am also skeptical about the quality of education the public school has. I am not generalizing and belittling all the public schools, but I was once a student of the public school myself and I knew how the system went. Maybe things are quite different right now as I learned from my co-teacher who is currently teaching in the public school that their teaching performance is now closely monitored and evaluated.  She even complains that she feels as pressured as the teachers working in the private school as far as preparing of lesson plans and syllabus is concerned. Meaning the public school is now attempting to give quality education to the students. I hope so!

Initially, Chesska will stay in her previous school until she becomes independent and goes to school on her own.  No matter high the tuition fee is,  we are willing to pay for it for a brighter future of our child.

Happy week-end!

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