Mother's Day Celebration at Jack's Ridge Resort

May 18, 2017
Since the summer season is about to end and the opening of classes will soon take over (as you know how busy we will be next month), we took full advantage of our remaining time by strolling at Jack's Ridge resort during Mother's Day over the weekend. I have been hearing a lot of good things about this place since I was high school so I included Jack's Ridge on my summer bucket list. We are finally here.
We're supposed to come here late in the afternoon, waiting for the sun to set and see the awesome lights of Davao city at night.  However, it kept raining for several nights prior this day, so we decided to go before lunch when the sun is already up the sky.
We tried to position ourselves at different angles so the light is not facing us in order to get brighter pictures. However, our camera has no setting against the light. As you can see, the subject is dim but the background is adorable. hehe
Davao City view
Jack's Ridge is highly elevated that's why you can see the magnificent view of Davao city.
"Unbelievable as it may seem, the land you are standing on was under the sea millions of years ago. These taklobo shells right here at Jack's Ridge are silent witness to Davao's watery past". This is what the signage says, isn't it interesting?

We're supposed to dine at an open-air restaurant named Taklobo but the day was just so hot so we went to Karlo's Gourmet and Coffe shop which is air-conditioned.
Parking space
Jack's Ridge entrance
We haven't fully explored the place, it was breezy though, but the heat of the sun was really scorching. Aside from Gourmet cafe, they do have other amenities too such as swimming pool, KTV bar, souvenir store, cottages if you wish for an overnight stay, Taklobo restaurant, and many others.  I am very sure that I will try their amenities as soon as I come back here.

Jack's Ridge resort is located at Shrine Hills Matina, Davao City. You may visit their website here.

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