Just Ordered a Redmi 1S Mobile at Lazada

November 12, 2014
My original plan was to buy Asus Zenfone 5 as a Christmas present for myself.
However, I was interrupted by this news.
This news was intriguing. Really.
And this came from my husband who often mentioned that there was a new Smart Phone called Redmi which was reportedly a threat to Samsung and Iphone in terms of affordability.

To verify, I googled the news and finally confirmed that this China-made mobile, owned by Xiaomi company, was one of the fastest growing smartphones in the world, ranked in 3rd spot behind Iphone and Samsung. (more news here)

via: http://www.mi.com/en/redmi

Convinced, I told my husband to order at Lazada. Good to know it was already on sale because by the time my husband checked it out,  a day before we bought, there was a notice displaying, SOLD OUT! You see how in demand the mobile is?

photo credit: http://www.lazada.com.ph

Luckily, yesterday, when we re-checked the page at Lazada, it was already available for sale, though there was already a count down timer installed on it before you could purchase, running for more than 2 hours, so Ronan had to wait longer before he was able to buy. Surprisingly, we got a big discount.  Instead of 5,509, we only paid 5,009 plus a chance to win the Redmi note.  Yay!

As soon as it will be delivered at home by next week, I promise you to make a review on this phone.

Thanks for reading!

Lazada Philippines

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