Snack at Peri-Peri

November 11, 2014
One of the things I love to do almost every weekend is to bond with my loved ones.  I believe that doing away temporarily from regular routines and chores will improve our quality of life, in other words, it will make us happier and healthier.

So a couple of weeks ago, my family and I bonded together by strolling to SM here in Ecoland, since it is second to the nearest mall from where we live, (the first is Gaisano, Toril). One of our most favorite routines after grocery-shopping and running errands like paying internet and electric bills is to look for the most recent restaurant where we could dine and relax. As you see, bringing along a 2-year-old toddler is exhausting.

And here we are at Peri-Peri.  Suffice to say, the ambiance is cozy, classy, and less crowded (as you see in the picture). If you opt for privacy, this place is meant for you.

Pardon the combs on the table, we  let Chesska play on them while  the foods are underway. Actually those are giveaways after  buying creamsilk conditioner.

Honestly, we've never been to Peri-Peri before despite being regular customers of SM for several years, not because I am known for being thrifty, it's due to the fact that I'm not so obsessed with processed foods like deep-fried foods, and much less oily foods. However, I promised in my previous post to blog all restaurants at SM, so I erased the thoughts of processed foods in the meantime. hehe

Back to peri-peri

Peri-Peri offered a wide selection of menus that you might want to try one of these days. And wanna share with you the foods we ordered.

Peri-Peri Kids Meal with Ice Tea Served 
Price: 165

It include2 pcs. Cornflaked Chicken Tenders, Macaroni, and Cheese Fries. Obviously, Chesska couldn't consume this platter of foods so I decided we would share together (na lng).

All I can say is that the macaroni is tasty, creamy, but too sweet which makes me satisfied easily. Probably my taste buds can no longer tolerate too sweet and flavorful foods since I am already used to "matabang" (less tasty). Ever since we chose to have a healthier lifestyle, we made sure to minimize sugary or salty foods in the house.

On the other hand, the corn-flaked chicken is crispy, yummy, and tender though the servings are bitin (not enough to make us satisfied). The fries have just an ordinary taste much like from any other food chains.

Chicken Rappa without Drinks
Price 158

This is what Ronan ordered, consisting of fries and grilled chicken breast with lettuce, tomatoes, and sauce wrapped in warm tortillas.

According to him, the two servings of Chicken Rappa,( the ones that look like shawarma ), were satisfying.  He said nothing but so delicious (daw) . Period. hehe.

One of their gimmicks is the "Drink All You Can" for 45 pesos only where you could choose from an array of drinks, such as coffee and fruit juices.

Peri-Peri, as the home of Portuguese-Style Grilled Chicken, is located at SM South, Ground Floor, Annex Building.

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