Lunch at Shakeys

November 03, 2014
Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this review.

I'm not a fan of pizza but my family and I found ourselves at Shakeys for lunch, one Halloween weekend at SM Ecoland. But before we landed to Shakeys, we first went to "Hukad", and began browsing their menu but most of the dishes offered were heavy (typical lutong-bahay with a twist and unli-rice), and due to the fact that I started dieting due to weight issue (ha!), we left and hopped to Shakeys.

I was not kidding when I said this was my fist time to enter Shakeys (since pizza is not my favorite), but Ronan and I  had long planned to try out all restaurants within SM since we used to grocery-shop, window-shop, pay bills, and dine there.

Ok fast forward. The foods I ordered were not mainly pizza, but I assured you it was much lighter than the usual viand-and-rice. The other two, mama and Ronan just nodded in approval.

While the foods were still underway, I turned the idle moments into picture taking.

Finally, the foods were served 10 minutes later.

This is what I ordered - Salad, Chicken 'n' Pizza which consists of half-garden-fresh salad, one piece fried chicken, a slice of a Hawaiian pizza and mojos ( sliced potatoes, lightly battered & fried to a golden brown.). 

Price: 165

What makes this menu even better is the inclusion of the garden fresh salad since I am a semi-vegetarian gal, and mojos (potatoes coated with breading mixes, I guess), that is a good alternative for rice. The amount served is just enough to make my taste buds happy.

While Ronan ordered a Bunch of Lunch - chicken, spaghetti, garlic bread, a Hawaiian pizza, and mojos.

Price: 170

Lastly. mama ordered Hero, Salad 'n' Chicken which contains half hot hero sandwich, chicken, and half salad.

Price: 160

And for the finale,  we ordered Sundae, topped with chocolate syrup, cherry, and whipped cream.

Price: 50 

The ice cream has its distinct flavor and sweetness that is fun to eat for dessert. There's no sawa (you will not get sick of eating even you try it over and over) factor.

Even without rice, the dishes have brought our tummy up to satisfaction level. Not so heavy, and not so light. And obviously not a gluttony.

Although the place where we seated was less spacious and the air-con was not that cold, however, I assured you we had a great dining experience due to good services and foods. My rating is 4 out of 5 for Shakeys.

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