Does my face sound familiar?

April 15, 2015
No, I didn't join the latest and the most trending show in Chanel 2 today "My Your Face Sounds Familiar" (haha).  It was actually a pre-wedding hair and makeup test which I asked from my hired beautician to do before the final wedding.

I told him/her (actually she's a gay), to make me the most beautiful and gorgeous bride in the planet (hehe).

So here are the outputs of my newly-transformed self.

According to her she uses MAX factor make-up. (Hmmm e di wow) In fairness, it was apparent that my face looks glowing and the color just tones to my complexion. Sorry I didn't have a before-photo to compare.

Side View

Back View Showing the Hair Style

I was amazed of the make-up trick. I have originally a cute short nose but now it is a bit taller. 

When I arrived home, I let my hair free, dressed up, and posed as attractively as  I could.

As much as I want to try different makeup styles, her first touch is just perfect for my needs.
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