From the Bottom of Our Hearts, Thank You!

April 28, 2015

We would like to thank all the people who had been part of our second wedding (first was civil), which was held at St. Michael Chapel, right across Eden garden resort,  last April 24 @ 10 am. This was only attended by 21 adults and 6 kids, excluding 3 photographers and 2 make-up artists. Ninety-eight percent of the attendees are all family members because we decided to have a simple, intimate, and family-exclusive wedding.

The people behind the success are the following:

First, Mr. Jack Javier, who is working in the US right now, and Ronan's long-time friend. Thanks for the help dude.

Also to Ms. Mimi, St. Michael in-charge, for helping us reserve the chapel knowing that St. Michael is mostly reserved for couples who avail the Eden wedding package. Thanks for the suggestion and advice.

To Virgin Delos Remedios, San Lorenzo, and San Pedro parish for approving our wedding requirements.

To Father Al Botero, presider of the wedding ceremony and the St. Michael GKK priest, for the heartfelt homily and advice. He truly appreciated the simpleness and the uniqueness of our wedding. He even asked my husband whether he is an Irish because Irish people love to have a solemn wedding.

To King Perez and company, for tirelessly shooting us starting from 6 am to 5 pm. King had captured 1600+ pictures. Your talent and creativity are admirable. You are highly recommended.

We also thank Marla Santos and Jopay, our make-up artists,  for the wonderful job. We all woke up at early dawn (3am to be exact) and they started putting makeup on us. The output was still impressive despite a few hours sleep due to the annoying and persistent noise from the creaking window from the pine lodge where we stayed. (I thought I was the only one who noticed it but everyone did hehe). You also managed to catch up even in the cramming time.

To Auntie Arlene Cornista, my ninang, for the flower arrangement.

To Teresings boutique located at Magallanes St.,  for our wedding dresses. The bridal gown looks simple yet elegant.

To Zipsite family, headed by Ma'am Maida and Sir Roy Barrientos,  for granting my husband, Ronan,  to leave from work. Thanks for your support and understanding.

To my employer Cathy Yeatts, for the support and for gifting us extra $$. It helped augment to our wedding expenses.

To my brother and his family all the way from Bukidnon, Algee and family, Papa Roy and Family, Auntie Delia and Family, Auntie Arlyn and Family, Mama Alice and Family, Mama for the all-out support, and lastly Pons, a last-minute invitee and the instant groom's man.

To Eden resort for the warm accommodation.

To the resort's shuttle drivers who patiently transported us back and forth,  passing through a bumpy and dark road knowing that pine lodge was very very far from the main (10-minute drive).

To all our friends for the well wishes, many thanks.

Above all, to Jesus Christ our Lord for the bountiful blessings, without Him, we can do nothing.

Once again thank you and God bless us all.


-Jeni and Ronan-

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