The Wedding Shoes Plus a Reward

April 13, 2015
Days to go before our wedding,  and I am extremely busy preparing for everything. One of the things that makes me/us busy (of course husband is included) is scouting for wedding shoes. Since I am a kind of kuripot (stingy), we try to look for cheaper shoes as possible to fit in our budget of 2,000.

So what comes to my mind is go to Abreeza Mall since I learned from a friend that they do have sales from time to time. Also, I used to buy shoes there for Chesska and I always got bigger discounts. However, when we got there in the shoes department, I never saw any wedge shoes (because I didn't know how to walk with high-heeled shoes hehe) with discounts so we made a round to some boutiques to take chances.  There were 1,000-below shoes, but I didn't like the style and I could tell they were old stocks so we went back again to shoes department.

I am picky when it comes to shoes and it really takes me too long to decide.  I know my husband hates waiting as much as other guys do out there (hehe). But good to know, I found right away Gibi shoes, and it suited my style.

It was dimmer when I took photos of it. 

Yes it is just too simple but I will just attach little accents like glittery flowers or ribbons so it would appear much like wedding shoes. (hehe)
I know I am the type of woman who never keeps up with the Joneses, but for this special occasion, and also as a reward for myself since it's been a long time I last bought a new pair of  shoes, I grabbed the Gibi shoes for 1, 200.

Of course, let me share with you the shoes my husband bought, Russ brand for 1,500.

Of course, Chesska's shoes from Smartfit for P795.

All of our shoes cost  3,495, so I have to augment more amount because we fell short. Well, it's ok for as long as they serve the purpose.

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