Interactive Alphabet Wall

April 08, 2015
If you have an Alphabet chart stuck anywhere on your wall, there's a good chance that your child can easily catch on Alphabets. In fact, our room is filled with charts along with the Alphabet chart where I could review our child anytime about letters. But since it's now in a torn state, I decided to replace it and came up with a customized-Alphabet wall that is fun and at the same time interactive.

If you wish to create the same, here are what you need:

1. 26 adhesive hooks for 26 letters
2. 26 letters printed out in stickers
3. pictures for each letter (You may download them here)
4. 26 ID badge holders

I stuck the 26 hooks horizontally. I put them a bit higher (above the head) that they won't accidentally poke my child's eyes. I fully covered the hooks with the printed-out stickers.  Then I inserted picture to each ID badge holder and hung it in the hook.

As I mentioned before, we've been learning letter sounds and I thought it is a great way to review things or objects that start with the given letter. I sometimes took all the badges out from the hooks and had her hang each badge on the correct letter.  I replaced the old pictures with the new ones depending how fast she catches on the concept.

Chesska loves this activity because it requires her hands and body to move. Thus gross and motor skills have been involved. This can also help widen your child vocabulary.

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