3 Happy Things I Will Be Doing on My Birthday

February 08, 2017
I know birthday leave is not a valid reason in some companies. Unless you have a generous employer like mine who always grants whatever you ask for. However, I didn't tell her the main reason why I have to be absent today unless she will stumble upon this post. But one thing for sure, she won't get angry.

The primary reason behind my leave is just simply I want to feel the moment of my natal day. Life has been stressful for the past weeks, juggling online job and looking after my two kids, trying paying attention equally. I came to realize that being a WAHM (work-at-home mom) is not always beautiful. I feel like I am always drained even before I start the day. So I resolve to take a break and enjoy my birthday. I say with conviction, I DESERVE A BREAK!

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Here are the happy things I will be doing today to help me release my stress and at the same time make my day more fun.

1. Go to Church and Pray

Personally, life seems incomplete and unhappy without thanking God who is the provider of life and everything. Each year, during my birthday,  I always go to church and thank God for another year of life He has bestowed upon me. I also pray to bless me with long, fruitful life and pink of health so I can continue serving Him and the people who need me.  

2. Go Out and Dine with My Family 

I often celebrate my birthday at home, and it takes extra effort and time to prepare foods and other stuff.  At this time around, I like to spend time with my family and go to a decent restaurant to dine. Eating is obviously my pleasure. Speaking of a restaurant, I want to try Kuya J since I have been watching its commercial from TV. I keep telling myself to dine there one of these days.

3. Gift Myself Something Nice

I must confess, shopping is my stress reliever. But ever since I became a mom, I am always on a tight budget. So I can't help but just drool over the dress displays at the mall.   But just for one day, today, I want to buy something nice for myself. Dress has always been my obsession and maybe I will buy one later.

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