Dear Psalm

February 19, 2017
Seems like it just happened yesterday when you were born. Exactly today marks your five months of being a baby. Your progress is quite amazing and I also notice your aversion, too.
You have been purely breastfed for 5 months now. I attempted several times to give you formula but you found the taste awful because you spit it out. That's why wherever I go, you always cling to me.
I am a hands-on mom to you, changing your diaper, bathing you, washing your butt when you poop and nursing you even I am working on my laptop. I did the same to your sister when she was a baby like you.

You seem to enjoy bathing so much since you were 1-month old. You cry at the top of your voice whenever I take you out from the bath tub.
When someone entertains you even strangers, you give right away your 150-watt smile, the trait I dearly love.  Unlike your older sister who only smiles to people very close to her. But I don't want to compare you both. I know you are both unique and special in different ways.
You can now turn, roll over, and try to crawl forward. You begin to pull tiny things, too.
You also begin to babble when you hear us talk. You say "aaah-aaah-aaah". I know I have so many things to discover about you as you get older. 

Did you know that your sister is jealous of you? She feels like you steal our attention and love that once she owns. She doesn't stop pinching you nor stop teasing you until she hears you cry and I am always there to defend you.  I am hopeful that when the right time comes, you will become good siblings. I believe you will be.

We love you as much as we love your older sister and I hope when you discover this post someday, you will appreciate this, and I know you will.




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