Birthday Dinner at Kuya J

February 10, 2017
Disclosure: All the opinions expressed are 100% mine. 

I mentioned in my previous post about dining at Kuya J.  I kept watching its commercial from TV a couple months ago, endorsed by celebrity actor, Jerico Rosales, and mentally noted to try this new restaurant one of these days. So last Thursday, during my birthday, my family and I went to Kuya J at SM annex, Ecoland to try some of their dishes.

Here's what we ordered and my honest review.
chicken salad with sesame dressing for 150
I was anticipating mainly more chicken meat in the salad but I got surprised when it contained more lettuces than the former.  It was my fault for not reading the description in the menu book anyway. As much as I love vegetable salad,  the taste is not a winner for me. I disliked the crispy pastry wrapper (on top of the lettuce) and the lettuce is a little bitter.
creamy seafood and soup - 150
This soup is too creamy and flavorful. I don't know, but it's hard to please my taste bud now after getting rid of vetsin (msg) each time we cook at home for almost two years now. But don't get discouraged to try this, maybe what is awful for me is tasteful for you.
calamares for 130
No complaint about Calamares. It did taste good!
Grilled Scallops for 165
The grilled scallop is Kuya J's best-seller. The scallop itself is tender and I dearly love its cheese and butter toppings. I almost consumed half of its number. My husband and mother like it very much, too. Of all the dishes we ordered, this one is a champion!

Kuya J Chicken (half) for 200
We first ordered lechon kawali but it sold out fast so we opted to order chicken since Chesska loves it very much. I find their chicken as ordinary as the other chicken out there. Probably, I am just a huge fan of Mang Epoy's litson manok in Puan which is tastier and juicier than Kuya J's.
Cebuano mango cheesecake - 110
For our dessert, I ordered Cebuano mango cheesecake which contains graham, cream cheese, and mango. The cream cheese is yummy but the mango is not as sweet as I expected. The graham at the bottom of the jar is so tough to scoop out with a spoon. Perhaps, it was overly frozen.

If I were to describe their foods, place, price, crew,  and service in one word, it would be:

Foods: GOOD.

Place: CLASSY!


Service: GREAT.


My Family
Baby Psalm

In front of Kuya J

Taking picture in front of hearts display since Valentines day is fast approaching

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